The KN1 is cooled by a single fan in the upper left corner of the notebook. The KN1 has a tiny slot on the underside next to its battery that is supposedly for a Bluetooth transmitter. Note that there is also a KN1-GM, which is the same system but with integrated graphics. It was built and shipped within 3 days, and I received it on December 9, They were my other primary choice for vendors, and were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in response to my inquiries. Processor and Performance I chose the 1.

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If you have no interest in playing intensive games, and want more battery life, the KN1-GM model with integrated graphics will probably get substantially better battery life since the GeForce Go consumes a fair amount of power.

Quanta HP Mini Specifications

KN1 frontal view view larger image. Processor and Performance I chose the 1. Toshiba atop Quanta KN1 view larger image. The fit and finish are all very tight, and there is no plastic creaking or flexing anywhere on the laptop. There is a little dimpling if you press really hard on the back of the display, but I think with a screen this large that tends to be the norm. Under normal use on AC power, the fan usually comes on for half a minute every minutes, whenever the processor hits 53 C.

The top is only a little warm beneath the left Ctrl and Alt keys. The touchpad and scroller have excellent sensitivity and precision. Therefore, reliability, a good keyboard and portability were important criteria.

What is unique about the KN1 and other non-mainstream notebooks is the ease of access to components like the processor and graphics card.


The Intel wireless connection management program is actually rather useful, and offers a few more features than the standard Windows wireless connection interface. The touchpad is quite large, and has a dedicated scrolling region to its right.

It may not be the flashiest notebook, but it has plenty of power to run most games, but it is also quite portable and practical to use as a mobile computer for productivity work. Load times are far superior to rpm drive I have in my old system, and the nltebook is virtually silent while operating. You can really noyebook the difference when my old ntoebook Toshiba is placed atop it:.

The keyboard is a little on the noisy side, but not loud enough to be offensive. Horizontal and vertical viewing angles are excellent. It was tough to decide between nootebook rest, as they were all on a par performance-wise. The fan is quiet at its lowest speed, and is hardly noticeable except in a completely quiet room. Note that the left Ctrl key is inboard of the Fn key. I had wanted something that would be rather uncommon and distinctive, but not something so flashy it would immediately stick out like a sore thumb amongst my classmates which was why I never considered the Acer Ferrari The KN1, being a The KN1 has a silver lid made of high-quality hard plastic.

QUANTA-1GB-DDRS, 1GB Quanta Quanta KN1 Notebook DDR SODIMM Quanta KN1

I ordered my system notdbook Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste applied to all thermal junctions, which further increases the efficiency of the cooling system. The one control I do wish they had added was a volume control dial like most Toshiba notebooks have, but these buttons are mostly adequate. KN1 display view larger image. However, the resolution was way too high for my tastes, rendering microscopic text even after increasing the display to dpi, and the screen had and still has this nasty habit of going dead out of warranty.


The brightness is very consistent and there were no dead pixels. Gaming Performance This notebook is more than sufficient for most modern games at moderate settings. ISTNC will be the primary point of service under this warranty, and I believe the same goes for most other resellers.

Drivers for Gericom KN1 notebooks printers

These values are far jn1 the danger thresholds, and the stability of the temperatures is a testament to the power of this cooling system. Ultimately, I saw the KN1 as offering the best balance between battery life and size, and its aesthetics simply appealed to me, but it was a tough call.

Rick at ISTNC answered all of my pre-purchase inquiries very promptly, and did a great job of keeping me updated with the status of my system as it went through building and testing. With the screen on full noteboook, this drops down to 2 hours and 40 minutes. Note that there is also a KN1-GM, which is the same system but with integrated graphics.

There was a refreshing lack of useless trial software and other bloatware.