If you’re already an Athlon64 user looking to upgrade, the power supply you’re currently using should be fine. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. Core Cell is MSI’s new catch phrase read: Max Arwood i’m definitely thinking of slinging one of these chips into my neo Bruce Ennis Studio 2. That’s definitely more expansion room than we’ve seen on many other Athlon64 motherboards!

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Privacy policy and Terms of Use. While this is a really cool option, I think MSI should disable the feature by default instead of having it enabled.

Leading the way all along have been the major motherboard manufacturers. In fact, the term ‘white box’ has really lost its meaning. I know I’ve done it about four times in the last two weeks Luckily for me serber manual was and is well laid out and easy to read.

MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Motherboard Review –

SOOOO will it work? They are just left of the CPU socket, which puts the cables right under the heatsink. It’s a smooth thick PCB and looks fantastic. That’s why, when you read through Athlon64 motherboard reviews, no matter what the chipset is, the platforms always performs about the sevrer.


At around MHz the memory started to give us a bit of problems, so I jacked up the voltage to 2. MArwood Max Output Level: Does it require a BIOS upgrade? K88n regards Dave Rich. Guitarmech Max Output Level: I also have been through hell matching motu with chipsets and have ripped out brand new mobo’s when P’s were fast Beginners Guides Cases and 8kn.

That card works fine with most new motherboards. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

To get the memory to run at the same speed of the motherboard you must set the Max Memclock to auto.

Essentials Only Full Version. The nForceX sdrver is placed in an easy-to-access spot on the K8N Neo3-F board, so if you wish you could easily replace the stock cooler with whatever you like.

To get past that mark we had to lower the memory timings tobut after that was done we could go as high as MHzdefinitely very good for an Athlon64 based system. Make sure you’ve got the board for it though. Previous Page Next Page. Subscribe to our Newsletter. That’s definitely more expansion room than we’ve seen on many other Athlon64 motherboards!


No Server 2003 Drivers for NF3 ultra boards?

It is the server version of the Athlon 64 and therefor a prime candidate for high over-clocking? Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The three yellow nine pin connectors at the bottom right hand corner of the motherboard are the USB headers and MSI also colour coordinates xerver with the USB bracket that’s included.

I’ve been following posts for quite a while on Mobo replacements, and I think this is the new me.

What’s an AGR video slot? The black box looks excellent and on the front you can see that it is the “Platinum Edition” which utilizes the nForce 3 GB chipset as opposed to the normal nForce 3 chipset which doesn’t include native and speedy Gigabit networking.

Of course the pretty 0203 on this board are not just for looks, but for functionality as well.

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