All starships in J-space appear alone and isolated. It is thought that they could make near-instantaneous jumps over distances utterly impossible with TL jump technology. Some have conjectured that the Ancients created the very first Jump Drive known to higher intelligent life Sophonts and Charted Space. Comics Magazines Novels Publishers Short stories. Many space craft featured in the franchise have a type of “hyperspace” technology, while the stargates themselves employ a “wormhole” technology which is used for almost instantaneous travel from one point to another across many light years including intergalactic travel. Or choose door No.

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Although jumps are usually entered at low velocities, the speed and direction which a ship held prior to jump is retained when it returns to normal space.

Lexar JumpDrive Traveler USB Flash Drive Specs – CNET

Amazon’s discontinued Kindle Voyage e-reader has never been cheaper. This variant is frequently subject to other limitations such as distance from strong gravity wells.

Film history Films India. Jump technology enables a ship to transition into Jump Space jmpdrive emerge some great distance away within a reasonable time [ The novel Hyperdrive by Tim Parise featured a kind of jump drive that operated by altering the coordinates of a ship or object within the framework of space-time, causing it to move instantly between two points.

Some misjumps seem to involve chronotaxistic time dilation effects. Retrieved from ” http: Good file synchronization capabilities, can set explicit file specifications with combination of include and exclude filters, zero footprint secure Internet browsing Cons: In rare cases, such as for Warships, a ship may have a “Lithium-Fusion” battery which stores extra power for an additional jump without the normal recharge time.


These do not apply to the Navy of course It can store your Outlook Express e-mail and access it wherever you are through its interface. Jump drive next appears in the Jumdrive 2 novel by Harry Harrison in the trilogy by the same name, [4] and Frank Herbert’s Dune. Or choose door No. Jump drives were used in many science fiction universes for space vehicle movement, initially suggested in The Foundation Series of novels by Isaac Asimov from Most civilian starships have a jump rating of 1 or 2, with rare vessels equipped for express work carrying systems capable of 3 or 4; such ships operate for premium fees on long routes where speed is of the essence.

These factors can allow writers to build dramatic tension by showing characters struggling to reach a jump point, or to recharge their drive, before their foes reach them. The Bad Trwveler bit on the expensive side per megabyte. Harnessing the power of an artificial black holethe drive was designed to project a focused beam of gravitons, folding space and allowing the ship to pass through and arrive immediately at the new location.

Some theoretical physicists prefer to call it Alternate Space or Other Space.


Lexar JumpDrive Traveler USB Flash Drive (1 GB) Overview – CNET

The Lexar JumpDrive Traveler and its software are a step in the right direction. All starships in J-space appear alone and isolated. In most fictional universes, the total distance per jump is limited and multiple jumps may be needed to reach the final destination. The film Event Horizon features the eponymous ship using a jump drive.

Though this e-mail feature may appeal to some, the lack of support for other mail clients notably Netscape, Eudora, and Outlook coupled with missing synchronization capabilities limits its usefulness. Jump drives are also used in the Battletech series of games and literature.

We’ve changed, we promise. Portable e-mail has always been a challenge.

Exit from Jump Space has a diameter constraint of a gravity well. Comics Magazines Novels Publishers Short stories.

The Trave,er are conjectured to have been restrained by none of these limitations. The distance traveled during this time depends on the jump rating of the drive.

Jump drive

The device solves this problem, should your e-mail client of choice be Outlook Express. Jump travel is not well understood.

Starships remain in jump space for roughly a week no matter the distance traversed by the jump.