When calling a stored procedure that has output parameters, the driver has to call the procedure using a remote procedure call RPC. The exact values to use in the new URL are beyond the scope of this documentation; they must be chosen based on the jTDS settings they are replacing. You are required to use TDS 5. Is there any commercial technical support available for jTDS? If you are getting this in an application, start your application with. You can control the real batch size using the batchSize parameter; setting it to a non-zero value will break up batches into smaller pieces on execution, hopefully avoiding the problem.

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Why do I get java.

Why do I get a java. Memory usage keeps increasing when using generated PreparedStatements.

Yes No It wasn’t accurate. The default install does not configure the SQL Browser service to start automatically so you must do it manually. The existing configuration should look similar to this: Please note that this flag only alters the jebc of executeUpdate ; execute will still return all update counts. We will make the necessary changes. When executing a stored procedure or any query, for that matter the response from the SQL Server is serialized in the same order it is executed in: As a sidenote, The Microsoft driver and probably the others, too “optimize” this behavior by skipping over the update count, which is wrong according to the JDBC spec.

In case jtes are wondering if this is right, this is a quote from the CallableStatement API documentation: A common mistake is to append a semicolon “;” to the end of the URL e.


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Batch processing with executeBatch hangs or is unreliable on Sybase. You will have to itds the instance property either append it to the URL or place it into the Properties you supply to getConnection instead of doing it the Microsoft way. Normally, with a JDBC driver, PreparedStatement s are precompiled on creation, which gives increased performance if they are used a sufficient number of times.

This means among other things that it cannot access platform-specific features, such as determining the currently logged user and his credentials. Scenario iwhile it does work, is not necessarily a good solution because it requires a lot of locking and waiting on the same network connection plus last but not opsn a lot of caching.

The only part of jTDS we guarantee is thread safe is the Connection object, and multi threaded access to Statement s is discouraged except for issuing cancels. If you are getting this in an application, start your application with.

In our oppinion this is better than having a benchmark of our own, which could be designed in such a way as to give jTDS the edge. Although queries returning multiple results are not very common, it is the reason why this behavior is customizable from the URL. Interface jTDS Implementation java. Where does one place an instance name in the connect string?

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Because there is no URL when using the JtdsDataSource there are three other properties with setters and getters to take the place of those items that are part of the URL’s syntax: Is there any commercial technical support available for jTDS?


The set of properties supported by jTDS is:. Why do I still need to provide a username and password? The exception you are getting is usually caused by a timeout. Why do column names more than 30 characters long, get chopped off at 30 characters? Temporary stored soruce are created for each unique SQL statement and parameter combination faster.

The root cause is that triggers also return update counts and jTDS can’t make the difference between these update counts and the “real” one neither could any other SQL Server client.

This is what happens jhds SQL Server-returned errors and warnings and is consistent with how other drivers handle exceptions. The only major features missing from jTDS are connection pooling and row sets; the reason for leaving these out is that there are free implementations available, probably much better than ntds we could come up with. The existing configuration ssource look similar to this:.

Actually we do have benchmark results from two different benchmarks, both developed by large commercial SQL Server JDBC driver vendors to demonstrate the performance of their own drivers. As a conclusion, when executing stored procedures that only return update counts output jtcs will be available immediately, as jTDS will process and cache the whole response.