In case you are wondering if this is right, this is a quote from the CallableStatement API documentation: Memory usage keeps increasing when using generated PreparedStatements. Is there any commercial technical support available for jTDS? This gives jTDS a 2x performance increase over the next fastest driver in some not so uncommon cases. You are very probably using TDS 4. For queries that return multiple results the JDBC spec requires execute to be used.

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There are three possible causes to this if we exclude not creating the ResultSet with the appropriate type and concurrency in the first place:.

MS SQL Server using JTDS driver

The exception is thrown because it’s better to warn the user that the output parameters are not yet set instead of leaving the impression that all is ok and cause other, harder to detect problems.

What do i have to do to connect to Netcool Omnibus or any derived Product. Also, please take a look at our ResultSet support page for some additional information and tips. The “Connection refused” exception is thrown by jTDS when it is unable to connect to the server. Therefore you have multiple choices: In both cases if you call Statement. But In input control you must to modify the query that uses parameter Thank you very much.


Sign up using Facebook. Check out our training courses. If you encountered an issue that you have tested and retested jtfs you’re sure it’s a bug, use the Bugs link on top of the page.

Accessing MS SQL Server using Windows Authentication

But in jasperserver I put jtds in. On testing the connection, I get the “java. If you do not have an account, you can register here. Extract the file that matches the target architecture. Products Solutions Services Resources. I have tried placing it in multiple places “jasperserver I install jasperserver 5. I didn’t find the answer to my problem in this FAQ. In this case it’s the net. As a conclusion the only safe multithreading scenarios are these: If you need help with any other jTDS-related issue, search the Help forum first and if you still don’t find anything, post a question.

The root cause jaspfrserver that triggers also return update counts and jTDS can’t make the difference between these update counts and the “real” one neither could any other SQL Server client. Can not connect jtds 1. The number of statements that are kept open simultaneously can be controlled jttds the maxStatements parameter; see the jTDS URL format for more information.

And in iReport I can create report with jtds 1. Sign up using Email and Password. In this case the driver will substitute the parameters locally and use a normal “execute procedure” SQL call; however, this mode of execution is less efficient than an RPC.


Nov 4 – For queries that return multiple results the JDBC spec requires execute to be used.

A common solution rather than the inelegant execute and then cycling through multiple result sets, is to supress the update counts for statements you are uninterested in.

Although this means that a “good” driver could “fix” this behavior, fixing it would imply caching the whole server response, equaling a huge performance drop. The client may be suspended if the system log fills so check that the log space is sufficient for the batch you are trying to load.

MS SQL Server using JTDS driver | Jaspersoft Community

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At home I run Ubuntu, at work I have to suffer with Vista.

In some cases adding the ntlmauth.