Multiple items on a pallet require more time and charge will be higher than it is for a single item. Fastener driving tool with twist actuation. We can have local movers transport items at your cost to our auction warehouse if you need more time. As captured piston 35 moves downwardly with respect to main housing 28 , a lower shelf 45 of piston 35 abuts piston reset pin 34 , after which the piston, although moving within barrel 27 , is stationary with respect to main housing 28 until upper end 39 of piston 35 abuts breech plug Normal amount of views.

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The online software will show if the high bid has not met a reserve if there is one. The shipper will invoice you for crating or whatever is needed to prepare for shipping and the shipping fee. The powder actuated tool 20 of claim 1 wherein said fastener guide 26said jqmerco 27and said breech plug 33 are longitudinally movable in said main housing 28 and are biased downwardly with respect to said main housing In most instances we ship within 24 hours of payment.

Jamerco Jt 100 Piston With Ring & Buffer Powder Actuated Tool Part Jt-100

This moves a fastener guide 26 jaamerco a barrel 27 inwardly into main housing The result is a fastener which travels at a very high rate of speed and can actually pass through a wall board and maintain enough velocity to cause serious injury to someone standing on the other side of the wall board. We ship Monday thru Friday. A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two.

Shipping is normally arranged within 3 days of the auction ending. Multiple items jamero a pallet require more time and charge will be higher than it is for a single item. A powder activated tool for driving a fastener 42 comprising: Breech block 36 is shown in FIGS.


Next, twistable handle 23 is twisted from jaamerco position shown in FIG. This main housing upper iamerco 76 is shown in FIG. A piston is held within the barrel and has an upper end near the cartridge and a lower end adjacent a fastener to be driven. Thus, when the tool moves from its position in FIG. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value. Tab 53 then rides along the upper surface of slot ledge 52 until it reaches slot Powder-actuated fastener driving tool. Case has scuffs and marks on it.

The powder actuated tool 20 of claim 18 wherein said firing hammer 37 has a graspable extension 55 and wherein said means for turning said firing hammer 37 comprises a twistable handle 23 captured jamerfo the upper end of said main housing 28said twistable handle 23 including a downwardly depending interlocking member 56 which is shaped to interlock with said graspable extension 55 of said firing hammer 37 whereby when said twistable handle 23 is turned, said firing hammer 37 turns.

Nothing will be released to any buyer who does not pay for the charges involved with transporting, crating or any other work needed ztud get the items to you. The powder actuated tool 20 of claim 3 wherein said fastener guide 26said barrel 27 and said breech plug 33 are biased downwardly by a breech block spring 39 having an upper end and a lower end and supported by said main housing 28 at said upper end and by a breech block 36 at its lower end.

What items have you won or lost? However, once graspable extension 55 is turned through a small arc, it is then held by floor The grippable handle 25 is grasped and pressed toward concrete wall 48 with the pressure of about 10 lbs.


The graspable extension 55 of firing hammer 37 thus causes firing hammer 37 to twist.

Then as the breech block 39 is released as shown in FIG. As the tool is compressed against a work piece, a trigger or latch 48 engages a notch 54 of control cam Furthermore, the tool fires the fastener by classic bullet technology. When tab 53 extends completely out of slot 50the biased force caused by reset spring 66 twists firing hammer 37 so that tab 53 is moved over slot ledge The powder actuated tool 20 of claim 9 wherein said means for supporting a cartridge 32 is a breech plug 33 affixed at an upper end of said barrel assembly 262733said breech plug 33 having a flat upper surface having an axially aligned cartridge chamber 31 including a rim recess so that when a cartridge 32 is inserted in said cartridge chamber 31 the cartridge 32 is entirely positioned below said flat upper surface.

Next, the barrel assembly, consisting of fastener guide 26barrel 27 and breech plug 33is pushed upwardly to the point where breech plug 33 contacts bottom surface 46 of breech block 36 as shown in FIG.

– Jamerco Stud Driver

The tool has a main housing in which a barrel assembly is held. The spent cartridge may be removed and a new cartridge 32 placed in chamber 31 as described above. The firing hammer is also held by the breech block and is spring loaded to move downwardly.

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