MCR Info Electronic, SL, guarantees the products it sells for a period of 6 months unless otherwise stated in our price list from the invoice date. This item is no longer available for sale. With the JUC you can copy paste text, pictures, or any other kind of data from one device to the next just as easy as copy and pasting on one computer. Serving the Southern Africa Consumer for over 12 years! At j5 Create we believe that all of your devices should function together regardless of platform or OS. What is the legitimacy for the treatment of your data?

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The purchaser shall also need express authorization to proceed with the sale or transfer of equipment or storage devices hard disks, streamers, etc. In cases where guarantee be justifiably claimed, the article may be substituted, repaired, discounted or returned as legally established.

Is it any good? Please note that if the returned items do not j5crrate the guidelines posted on our return policy, Mcr Info Electronic will not be responsible for their replacement.

Any reference made in this website to products and or services of third parties or any other information using the trademark, trade name or company name, which are owned by third parties do not constitute endorsement or recommendation of any kind.

At j5create we believe that all of your devices should function together regardless of platform or operating system.


We treat the personal data you provide us with the following purposes: It is informed the User that, for the correct provision of the services see, web hosting, support, email marketing, etc.


Your email is secure. When an error occurs in shipment, and that error is attributable to our service, please contact us to proceed to solve it. Damages you may suffer through internet j5crwate spaces, such as web pages, etc.

The user agrees not to violate, in any case, the rights mentioned in the preceding paragraph and to use the website, with its various elements and content for professional use only. Products Cameras Camera Acc.

If the material is under guarantee and sent without a copy of the purchase invoice it shall be treated as if out of guarantee. Added to comparison Compare products Max products in category reached Compare products Add to comparison. Malfunction of the product shall also be specified. Product Description Reviews Contact Us. You can exercise the aforementioned rights, by contacting the person in charge.

Mcr Info Electronic informs you that we fulfill Article It is the sole responsibility of the user to comply with the current law in all cases. Ship to Will be delivered on.

Review it and you could win a R Voucher. What types of cookies used Mcr Info Electronic? We never stop improving our operation by always putting our customers – and their needs – first. Damages suffered by the user originated from the lack of truthfulness or accuracy of the information provided or communications by other users, or with origin in the indication of false identities used by any user, mad or not with third parties.

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With the JUC there is no software to install or lengthy settings adjustments. Consequently to constant research and development of our products, technical specifications of the same may be varied, despite the information provided in catalogs, manuals and other documentation provided to the buyer, not assuming MCR info Electronic, SL. The re-export of goods outside the Spanish territory is subject to the relevant Spanish legislation and it will not be feasible without the necessary authorizations.


Let’s get to multitasking! To access the account, client must enter both username and password. You can allow, block or delete cookies installed in your browser by setting your browser options installed on your computer. In this case we do not assume any expense arising from such return.

When visiting a website or opening any email where any advertisement or promotional material regarding our products or services, a cookie can be installed in order to help us to show further advertising related searches, or to control advertisement regarding, for example, the number of times they are viewed, where they appear, etc.

The customer services team will call you once the item is ready for collection. You will be able to review all terms related to the Data Protection Policy, as well as the rest of details concerning general conditions and sales policy.