Align the Heatsink and clip assembly with the Retention Mechanism and place it on the processor. See the connector diagrams below. Replace the system housing cover, plug in the system and power on. Iwill P4se Gold was fully scanned at: Copyright This publication, including all photographs, illustrations and software, is protected under international copyright laws, with all rights reserved. There are Minimum and Maximum configurations available in addition to the User Defined defaults.

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Return p4se-go,d jumper cap to the Normal setting, pins 1 and 2. BIOS Setup After you have installed the motherboard and assembled the system hardware, you can power up the system. P4se-gokd a Pentium 4 processor in the mPGA socket. The Serial ATA controller can operate in both legacy and native modes. Exit Without Saving This uwill lets you exit the utility and restart the system without changing the saved configuration record.

Windows ACPI power management overrides most of these settings. See the section on installing memory in Chapter 3. Power Switch Power On in diagram? The default is for BIOS control of these functions. With the clip levers in the up position Epush down on all four clip frame corners to secure to the Retention Mechanism hooks F.


In Native mode, standard PCI resource steering is used. See the section on installing the CPU in Chapter 3. One device can be installed on each port for a maximum of two Serial ATA devices. Connect the processor fan cable connector to the motherboard header. Two SATA p4se-vold and one power core 6.

Iwill P4se Gold Driver Download

Enable the Spread Spectrum setting to reduce interference generated by the board circuitry. These ports are color coded for easy identification. The modules are notched so that you cannot insert them incorrectly. Use these default settings if the configuration is corrupted or if a mistake is made in the configuration.

Iwill P4se Gold was fully scanned at: The Heatsink is symmetrical. Maximum 4GB total system memory for dual channel memory configuration, 2GB for single channel memory configuration.

P4SE Series Motherboard 4: Page 27 Chapter 3 4. There are many system housing designs and you should consult your system housing documentation for specific installation information. The floppy drive settings and other settings are standard defaults, that you can also change if necessary. Unless you fully understand the function of these settings, it is better to leave the default p4ae-gold.


Iwill P4SE-Gold BIOS Drivers

Iwoll does not matter if the system is on when you connect or disconnect USB devices. Serial ATA drive connector It is not necessary to set any jumpers p4sf-gold this drive for proper operation. A password dialog box appears. The Heatsink is symmetrical. If an error occurs, it is reported in one of two ways: See the section on installing memory in Chapter 3. After p4se-golx up the password dialog box you decide not to set a password, press the Enter key, not the Esc key, to exit the password dialog box.

After replacing the system housing cover, you can connect external peripherals such as a monitor, a keyboard, and a pointing device. Make sure the memory module is locked on the socket with both retaining clips.