Netscape Navigator will prompt you to enter your smart card PIN. This digital signature is legally binding as it complies with the requirements of the Malaysian Digital Signature Act It is important to remember that you need to view the data to be signed to make sure that you are signing the right data. Each signer has a pair of signature keys a private key and a public key. Software Specifications ivest Gate 1. Sage, the Sage logos, and the Sage product and service names mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks.

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Click Settings button on the ivest Gate Admin screen window. The Choose Destination Location appears. It also supports X.

Equitrac Integrated for Konica Minolta 1. Then, click on the ivest logo. If at any More information.

Because Tally must respond to changing market conditions, More information. At ivest Gate Admin, there are buttons for: DocuSign Desktop Client v3. About This Guide 2. Re-launch ivest Gate and iproxy, and reinsert the smart card.



Felix Dalton 1 years ago Views: Enable file transfers up to 15MB using dial-up. Developer 9 The information contained in this document is current as of the date of publication and subject to change. Follow the following steps for each certificate file in C: The Release version or More information.

Insert smart card into the smart card reader, the ivest Gate icon at system tray will spin. Internet Explorer on Dial-up Connection 1. Click Manage Certificates button on right hand side. Reconnect the reader USBand Windows will detect it automatically.

Choose Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate.

ivest Client 4.0 Release User Guide

The private key is used to create signatures and the public key is used to verify these signatures. Jaring Dial-up as shown ivesg click the Settings button Note: This product and related documentation are protected by copyright More information.

To access ivest XBrowser Setting, double-click the icon on system tray. By default, iproxy is set to iveat automatically. Click the isign icon. Supports signing and encryption for Outlook Express 5. Comodo Cloud Drive Software Version 1. By getting the page with Your certificate is valid, this means that the installation and settings were successful.


Scribe Insight Installation Guide. Select Use a proxy server under Proxy server. How to use ivest Gate 1.

To exit, right-click ivest Gate icon and select Exit. Online Stock Transaction – Perform stock trading on Internet. Click OK to close all the screens and relaunch Mozilla Firefox. Using ivest Gate Admin, uvest can change their PIN, the smart card reader setting, and view the digital certificate as well.