It shows album art and the song title for the currently playing music, the most recent picture viewed, a text snippet from the most recent text viewed and so forth. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Porsche’s sports car tech improves the new Cayenne SUV. In many ways, though, the P7 is exactly what the pictures and spec sheet make it out to be: Skip to main content.

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The P7 measures 4. The iRiver P7 music player is just the right 7p, enabling you to fire it up in almost any location. Be the first to review the P7? We appreciate a good bit of battery life iriver claims 7 hours of video playback and 4.

Hold onto many tunes for use whenever you wish by making use iirver the vast media storage capacity included with this iRiver 16 GB MP3. If you’re accustomed to scrolling though menus, the P7’s Mondrian-esque layout takes a little time to grow on you.

iriver P7 review | What Hi-Fi?

No needless curves, wasted buttons or confusing bits, just a simple slab of recycling-friendly metal, with plastic on the ends and a screen in the middle.

Despite the movie-worthy 4.

Unfortunately, the biggest function we were looking forward to was the player’s biggest disappointment. Wrap-up Overall, we’d be happy to grab the P7 for a long flight and watch a full-length movie 7p it, but the limitations of media management and codec support mean it’d be a bit of an “event” to prep a movie for the player — and a chore to use the player on a regular basis.


Design We have some legitimate gripes with the P7, but design isn’t one of them. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Chase boredom away at l7 library, work, or the bus stop thanks to the long battery life typical of this iRiver 16 GB MP3.

Songs are listed in either an ID3 tag sort Album, Artist, Genre, Playlist or presented as the user’s own irievr list of folders. The overall form is more pocket-friendly than the chunkier design of the Cowon O2feeling more like an Archos 5 with a shrunken screen. In many ways, though, the P7 is exactly what the pictures and spec sheet make it out to be: Skip to main content.

Once you dial down into the P7’s music and photo menus, the single-page interface of the main menu eventually gives way to a more common list view. It’s not unpleasant, just odd, and it at least adds a sense of monolith-type mystique to the player.

After spending some time with it, we can’t say the layout offers any practical advantages, but p a pleasant break from the norm. Most functions are responsive and intuitive, with cross-fades between screens and large, obvious buttons to take you where you need to go.

At the same time, the player seems needlessly thick. Review Sections Review Specs. The P7’s sleek aluminum body looks like it belongs in a modern art museum. The home screen has an almost editorial layout, with instant access to all of the player’s main functions. In practice, however, we found that the P7 didn’t offer the kind of drag-and-drop video format and resolution flexibility we’ve seen from competitors such as the Cowon O2 or Riiver WiFi.


While the P7’s hardware looks like it takes a few cues from Apple, the touch-screen interface is entirely unique. There are also settings for bookmarking, looping, or saving files to a custom playlist. From around the web. There’s a stylus included for operating the resistive touchscreen, but we really had little trouble tapping the uniformly large interface elements with our fingers — which is good news, since there’s no convenient place to slip the stylus when it’s out of use, it’s meant to screw into a cap that can looped onto one end of the player, and we’d rather not.

Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, Don’t show this again.

iRiver P7 Silver ( 16 GB ) Digital Media Player

This 16 GB digital media player is capable of keeping up to 2, tunes, allowing you to move all your CDs and music files onto it. Just like the smaller-screened Samsung P3 or Iriver SPINN, we found ourselves spending extra time converting the videos we wanted to watch on the P7 using the included software.

It’s a novel and fun approach to an interface, and while iriver isn’t packing in extensive functionality irivee connected information, it’s a far cry from surfing through irivre boring menu tree with a d-pad.