Become a member of the iLounge Forums. So the best way to take an entire music collection anywhere is now even better. All of these are view only – you actually create them on the computer. Just go on google or download. Overall, great product and worth every penny. This is because Windows does not support the HFS Plus file system and therefore will not see the drive.

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Everything about the iPod screams quality. I hate apple products until now. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Uninstalled and reinstalled updater software. That’s plenty for my collection, although serious music buffs may want the GB model. It’s worthwhile to accessorize as they become available e. Clip it to your belt, purse or backpack for hands-free operation.

FireWire PCI Card Kit – Free DV Software & Cable

Write a customer review. In fact, I couldn’t get sin98 iPod to download songs reliably in either manual or “sync” mode on the first computer Din98 tried – a multimedia XP machine with built-in FireWire support.

Windows problems have been addressed in the 2. Sat Jun 14, I really want to buy an iPod but I’m afraid my computer’s too old Thanks for pointing the huge difference in speed – I decided to go ahead and get the FireWire card along with the iPod when I was at the Apple store.


Apple should concentrate on this type of product.

Apple’s iPod sounds great with Windows

But I was already on the verge of ipoe a new machine, and this really tipped my decision. Starting with iTunes 7, the software will allow you to use a Windows-formatted iPod on the Mac, but doing so is not supported.

As a PC kind of guy, I rarely suffer fireiwre Mac envy, but I’ll admit turning green last year when Apple announced its iPod digital music player. Now onto the really important part, the music quality.

iPod USB driver for Windows 98

I switch to headset earphones because I find them more comfortable, but that’s a matter of personal taste. To give you an idea of the music I have been listening to on my iPod here is my current full list of albums that I have on it here: Not only is the design second to none Like most Apple products these ain98 the playback is also brilliant.

Just click on the Next button to bypass the screen. Does this mean when I plug in the ipod it will reboot it and I will losse all the music I have on there?


Apple’s iPod sounds great with Windows – Baltimore Sun

The sound quality is awesome. Frustrating to have the updater installed and the unit working, but no driver for the Windows 98se to work! Yes, you need to install a firewire card, Yes, wi9n8 gonna need a fair amount of RAM and hard drive storage to run this well!

The best MP3 player on the market! Become a member of the iLounge Forums. Just look under settings in the Main menu. Overall, great product and worth every penny.

Getting music into the iPod was more troublesome than I expected. The playlist is the crucial element because it allows you to create a mix of songs from different albums, artists and genres.

With the Equalizer left on playing when iood a fully charged iPod, I tend to get just over 6 hours of playback from it. See all 6 reviews.

And there are a few games.