If you want maximum performance and easy setup, the SCSI interface is the best choice. ATAPI was used over both, widely. Since the vpo driver is not a standard part of the kernel as of FreeBSD 3. In theory, that should be sufficient to get you access, but I’m not certain if a USB parallel port will work for this glancing at the code, as long as the driver looks like a parallel port it should work. Email Required, but never shown. Some machines will also require BIOS configuration to operate the parallel port in bidirectional mode. If there is a working linux driver that is part of the main kernel tree, then there is a documented way to talk to the darn thing.

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The Iomega document that addressed these “disappeared” when they reorganized their website and it wasn’t up-to-date anyway. So I thought I should include what information I can on them here.

Disconnect, Sync data transfer, and Removable should be checked there. Fri Mar 15, 7: Be sure to connect your drive directly to the parallel port using the supplied cable, and make sure the cable is tightly connected at inyerface ends. I have about 6 old zip disks, and a parallel port zip drive.

Iomega Parallel Port Zip Interface Free Driver Download

After the kernel is rebuilt, you will need to reboot. It looks like they are LPT1 is assigned to the port with the highest address, so setting the Zip’s port to use and the other port to use might be best. Add a line like the following, edited to suit your system:.


Jan 1, Posts: Otherwise, to connect your Raspberry Pi to the parallel Zip drive you’ll probably need to use the GPIO port, write your own drivers and maybe add some buffering circuits of some sort. It’s an old chip, but adapters using it appear to be available to this day.

The port setting would be the address of the LPT port to which intergace Zip is connected you can look it up in Device Manager.

Fri Mar 15, Wouldn’t that be easiest? Fri Mar 15, 5: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Ok, thanks, but I don’t think the situation is quite this desparate yet. Well, there were USB versions also, parallrl if I intended to buy one then I guess that would be the first choice.

Reading old zip disks

Feb 12, Posts: Mar 21, Posts: Chaining anything other than a printer to a Zip drive is generally not a good idea although some people have reported that they’ve been able to do so successfully. Reading old zip disks 19 posts. Thu Mar 14, 7: Also, if you have more than one parallel port in the system, the installation may go more smoothly if the Zip is connected to LPT1.


Some systems won’t even power up if anything connected to the parallel port has been turned on first. USB Zip drives exist– you can probably buy one used or borrow one long enough to read the data off.

disk drive – Connecting Iomega Zip (parallel port) to modern PC – Retrocomputing Stack Exchange

Interfqce 27, Posts: See these Microsoft Knowledge Base articles for more info:. I would like to see what’s on the disks. Each of these has a number of. Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks.

If your installation has an older version, you can upgrade it to 2. If you find the IPPI listed, then you can select and install it.

If there is a working linux driver that is part of the main kernel tree, then there is a documented way to talk to the darn thing.