So it seems to make more sense to use the SCSI bus directly? Some systems won’t even power up if anything connected to the parallel port has been turned on first. If the Iomega software installation can’t find your drive or if you don’t want to install the software , you can install the IPPI manually. Connecting the drive is easy, a parallel port is easy to add. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Originally designed only for printers, the parallel port turned out to be an amazingly flexible and universal interface for attaching a host of different devices to a variety of PCs. If an USB-parallel bridge won’t work, the most promising way that is likely to help without modifying kernel level stuff to emulate either a parallel port or ISA-style bus on GPIO pins is using this kind of pricey

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Supposedly, the Bidir, EPP, and Fast settings do not force the specified mode and can revert to nibble mode if necessary. EXE program attempts to find the optimal settings for your system, but they can also be set manually. For this reason, it is often used for attaching external devices such as hard disks, CD-ROM drives and tape drives, especially for PCs that lack other expansion alternatives such as notebooks.

Ok, thanks, but I don’t think the situation is quite this desparate yet. If your installation has an older version, you can upgrade it to 2. Chaining anything other than a printer to a Zip drive is generally not a good idea although some people have reported that they’ve been able to do so successfully.


So it seems to make more sense to use the SCSI bus directly? The parallel port can also be used with special software to connect two PCs together to let them share files.

Am wondering what would be the easiest way to connect an Iomega Zip drive parallel port version to a modern PC. View over of my fine art photos any time for free at DesktopScenes. Versions earlier than 2. You should then be able to select the IPPI from paralkel list of drivers.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I do expect use of the parallel port interface to “hang around” for many, many years, for the same reason floppy disk drives continue to be used: In theory, that should be sufficient to get you access, but I’m not certain if a USB parallel port will work for this portt at the code, as long as the driver looks like a parallel port it should work. If you’re using Linux, there is kernel support for the parallel ZIP diskat least on Intel architectures; if you’re willing to play with the dependencies, it might even be possible to compile the drivers on non-Intel architectures, but I make no guarantees!

You could also power up the drive just after turning the computer on – before the OS begins loading. But there’s no harm in trying, so give it a shot.

Iomega Parallel-Port Configuration Issues

Or it might also help to try v2. If you find that Int 13 unit is checked, then uncheck it, and reboot the computer. Also, if you have more than one parallel port in the system, the installation may go more smoothly if the Zip is connected to LPT1.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Connecting the drive is easy, a parallel port is easy to add.

Iomega Parallel Port Zip Interface Free Driver Download

Doing so could cause your computer to crash or perhaps even corrupt data on the Zip disk. If you set any of these manually, you should probably run some tests after rebooting to make sure your drive is functioning correctly. Post as a guest Name.

Today, the role of the parallel port for storage devices is diminishing rapidly, as its “niche” is increasingly being filled by other interfaces that offer advantages over it. Otherwise, to connect your Raspberry Pi to the parallel Zip drive you’ll probably need to use the GPIO port, write your own drivers and maybe add some buffering circuits of some sort.

The Iomega document that addressed these “disappeared” when they reorganized their website and it wasn’t up-to-date anyway. However, some people have reported having printer-related problems after installing v2. Sign up using Facebook. If you change your version of Ppa3. Sign up using Email and Password.