Any idea how to make this work on Win 10? The Intuos A3 Serial is approx xmm, the largest size of tablet. Thanks a bunch…if only the tablet would work on my Mac with Yosemite…. I have not tested this advice on a windows 8 pc myself so as always, do it at your own risk.: I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and at first my Wacom GDR keep working, after some days it stopped working.

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It is about the size of a mousemat. The very first thing you do of course is download the file off of the Wacom website. Worked getting tableet old GDR up and running on Gfaphics.

Any idea how to make this work on Win 10? You will find many of our items listed on our website as untested or as parts or repair units even though in they are in good used condition. Has pressure sensitivity ever worked? So, what worked for me is very simple: But then my memory was refreshed again.

After spending a lot of time searching the web and reading through dozens of forums I found a solution that worked for me.


Wacom GDU Intuos Graphic Tablet

Thanks for graphids of the feedback on this. Don’t see what you are looking for? When you press your wacom pen down on the pad it changes from amber light to green right?

I only have the option of using the Windows computer and tower I currently have with the tablet and a really old version of photoshop, or attempting to get the tablet to talk to my HP Windows All hair torn out now.

Do you have any idea for windows 10? The picture above is the directory listing containing all of the files that you just extracted.

Original Wacom GDR on Windows 7 x64 – S-Config

We have experienced customer service representatives standing by ready to help you! You can see in the drivers that pressure is being done, but when I moved into a Windows program, like photoshop, nothing would be pressure sensitive.

It seems like the tablet is perfectly talking to Windows but the paint programs are not able to use those features. Inntuos of the Bambo or Intuios series pens will work with the GD series. Do not click on the file!


Extracting files from either the EXE from Wacom or 7-zip. Laptop Computers Shipping Policies. Also, pressure sensitivity for me has been known to drop out from time to time in certain paint packages. Unfortunately you are using a “legacy” Wacom tablet hardware product which is no longer supported for OSX After about 3 days of fresh installing windows 10 x Your description is very good but i had some issues win7 x64 I ran setup.

Instead, you will intyos to Extract the files atblet this. Thanks for the feedback.

Wacom GD-0912-U Intuos Graphic Tablet

I do not own a mac. You may receive an update driver warning.

Active area x mm. I tried your method in Nituos 8 Pro and it works. After the exclamations went away I tested out my Wacom with my pen and it registered perfectly. Want to add to the discussion?