I’m not even certain what it does to be honest but I can post any information that is needed! I can also connect to the bluetooth using devices other than the one I am trying to sync through this program an Interwrite SP tablet. If it is not installed, please see your Administrator and request that it be installed. For more information about SELinux, please consult your Linux distribution vendor. Install any kernel development packages required by your distribution to build kernel modules.

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Lijux image from URL. The default is to have this requirement disabled but, FC6 decided to enable it by default. My guess is this is the issue.

Question # : Questions : bluez package : Ubuntu

Linu on and connect the USB Board to your computer. I am trying to troubleshoot to see if I actually have all of the “required” components to make the software work because I contact eInstruction because they will tell me to “see my specific distribution’s documentation”. For more information about SELinux, please consult your Linux distribution vendor. Interwrite Learning log in help. A message will be output to the terminal indicating whether the service is running or not.


Using Interwrite software on Ubuntu

It would appear that I have all the necessary components to make this software work. Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access.

To rectify this issue, you can either: Jonathon Zabel zabeljonathon said on This could be a result of having SELinux enabled.

The following steps assume that Interwrite Workspace for Linux is already installed in the default installation directory. It comes installed on most current distributions with some exceptions. See your distribution- specific documentation to determine how you can check this.

If your video card supports OpenGL and is properly supported by your interwriite driver, then you may be able to improve performance when drawing in Interwrite Workspace. Restarts the Bluetooth service. If it is not installed, please see your Administrator.

Pages Images and files.

WorkSpace | Turning Technologies

To edit this page, request access to the workspace. I am comfortable installing packages, using the terminal although I’m not fluent in the commandsand editing files using vim.


Save the file and restart Interwrite Workspace in Interactive Mode.

If Step 6 finished without errors, type “make install” and press Enter. Login as root 2. The Makefile makes some standard assumptions as to the location of kernel resources.

Download the following files: If it is installed the command will return an installation path. None Link interwritd a FAQ. Save the changes that you just made to the sudoers file and reboot.

InterWrite Linux Driver

English Edit question Status: I checked to see if rfcomm was running via the terminal Insert image from URL Tip: Type “sudoedit sudoers” and press the enter key. You will need to be root user to edit this file. I checked to see integwrite the other packages were installed through Synaptic Package Manager, and they were.

Alternatively you could use the system monitor GUI and scroll down until you find rfcomm or not.