The same pattern is seen with the Crucial SSDs, so this must be the nature of the technology. This is the unit everyone is excited about. Writes with the Intel X25M are not as fast as with alternatives like the Crucial M series , but performance still remains very high in a real world situation because there is no seek time or latency with an SSD, and speed is constant across the entire capacity, unlike a hard drive. I’m using a massive external drive where i keep all of my data. Read performance of the XM is exceptional.

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An alternative to the Hitachi Travelstar 7K Is sleep mode on mac osx harming the ssd’s lifespan? A gigabyte as used in all reviews on this site is defined as X X or 1,, bytes. Site sponsor OWC offers great deals on hard drives and memory. However, results shown here all from a Read performance of the XM is exceptional.

: Intel XM G2 GB solid state drive (SSD)

Below are some figures to contemplate. Is this generally the best thing to do with an ssd? However, there is no seek time or latency with an SSDso the real world performance overall will astonish anyone used to a hard drive. This must be due to its significantly higher transfer speed.


Intel XM Firmware Update? | MacRumors Forums

View prices on SSD. After all, a scratch disk means data is being written. Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site.

Understanding Compressible vs Incompressible Data Page 3: After the firwmare update, the X25M x225-m a blistering-fast But if you love seeing your application launch in 3 seconds instead of 8 seconds the first timethen SSD is your prescription for happiness. In short, read access is incredibly fast, only a little slower than straight out of memory!

Those are great numbers, about 2.

Laptop users are in for a wonderful experience with an SSD. Partition this drive to have the same formatted space as a GB drive, and it might be attractive.

This looks perfect for database applications, but will have only modest impact on normal use of a MacBook Pro the MBP is not likely to be a database server for large databases!

It offers blisteringly-fast reads that will completely change the feel of any Mac. You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

System boot speed is an irrelevant metricbut everyone wants to know it, so we oblige. Read speeds tend to say consistently high except in cases of severe fragmentation. Developer software build tests MacBook Pro unibody 2. Still, it shows that in a server environment, solid state offers compelling advantages.


The 8 seconds I save on the first launch is just not relevant; what counts is how efficiently you can work in your applications, and if the XM improves in that area, then fast application launch times are a nice bonus.

Hurrah, if you reboot once a day, you save seconds, depending on the hard drive. And there are some downsides, such as capacity. Certain deals may last longer. This content has been marked as final.

Intel X25-M Firmware Update?

In other words, the results reflects what using an actual working system would be like, not an artificial setup with an empty disk. Partitioning can guarantee low seek times and fast performanceso simply use half or less of a GB or GB disk. The silent operation and ultra-low inte, consumption are added pluses.

Get adequate memory and forget about it: