What were the ratings after changing private and security flags? Patel njpatel wrote on I’m running Unity on a brand new stock Samsung n and to be honest, it doesn’t feel like finished software. Much slower than what I had on UNE Want to add to the discussion? There might be an existing bug against intel-drm in the kernel or against the xorg intel driver for this very problem.

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Intel Graphic driver for ubuntu lts – Ask Ubuntu

Do not accuse others of not being “low end” There is no strict definition for what constitutes a “low end” system or game.

Did any of the devs try it on a netbook? If you tell us the name of the games, maybe someone can help you Mark I think this bug is to important to keep it open till Natty. Any other possible solutions out there? This would restrict the problem, freeing the xorg-intel drivers from suspect and convince some people to upgrade nevertheless.

This could reduce the pain launch it in workspace 4 and let it stays there forever Boot times are back to the old pre However, as it is still beta, most distro’s still ship lxde instead. It sucks that one can’t control the size of the icons on the main screen, but ho-hum.


Yes OpenGL renderer string: Marking as duplicate as buglet’s try to gather every info on the same bug report, please. I was part of 9xxSSF I mainly just maintained up-to-date access to embedded drivers and a driver mirror and one of the first drivers from our group implemented software-emulated Linuux and vertex shaders basically just implemented the feature how it was on the or whatever the next iGPU model was initially, and improved upon it with later driver releases.

Than I decided to try ubuntu Probably something small but if someone could help me out I think it will work again. It is still beta. When using the much-touted dashboard, typing sometimes makes the text-entry fields jump out of position. I followed a modified version of these instructions: Now it’s especially the best time to move. Years ago, I ran CS: This particular bug has already been reported and is a duplicate of bugso it is being marked as such.

But I wish Ubuntu had, for once, delayed the release to make sure the damned thing worked instead of “Ship now, fix later.



It uses more resources then lxde, but less then xfce, and is using qt, so almost wayland ready. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. The dev tested rewriting pcmanfm to qt instead, and found it relatively easy enough. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

Changed in unity Ubuntu: Everything is very laggy, tons of bugs. With Gdebi, installation was simple and quick, now it’s a drag. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. This is on a aspire one zg5.

Please post the output of Code:. It makes UNR unusable and the workaround should not be the answer.

Intel never finished the driver to even support that feature Master List Of Low-end Games. Linux is really good with emu’s. Visit the following links: