Upon un-installation of the old driver and installation of the newly modified driver, a quick delve into the settings in display properties revealed all 5 new resolutions selectable. I believe that other Intel graphics drivers may have the setup information file named differently from igxp Videoseven D19w12b monitor on Intel g now running at xx75hz. April 7th, at Originally Posted by archibael I believe you, but it doesn’t make sense to me. Please enter a title. I’ll be popping in to see if someone has found the solution

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What I don’t understand is why my machine lost the ability to recognize these modes from the monitor. Does anybody knows some application which can change desktop size not resolution. Hats off to you. The next line of the file has been commented by Intel:.

┬╗ Intel GFX driver resolution fix

Hi, I have changed the igdlh. October 3rd, at But the Ubuntu does not recognize my TV set and, with the TVset, it does not offer the x resolution. August 4th, at Strange the Intel didn’t update their drivers yet.


I recommend you to review the information available on the following site:. April 21st, at A quick Google of x 60 revealed the hex values for that resolution to be: If I don’t install the graphics driver I can get a full variety of resolutions out of my screen but as soon as install the driver infel graphics media accelerator” it only allows x resolution on my Olevia h LCD television.

I am talking about that, yes – I’ve looked through everything on the Intel graphics properties. Do you think it would be possible to change the value to a 6, then add both X and X? February 3rd, at It’s content is 85g from previous attempts, namely! I also uploaded an excerpt from the manual with the list of compatible signals.

I cannot believe I put up cutsom this problem for months. Not supported GTF standard I haven’t tried PowerStrip yet but others have avsforum. Can anyone upload the driver? June 7th, at Also if someone could check hp mini settings to give me some comparation it will be great.


Custom Resolutions and Modes for Intel® Graphics Drivers

September 29th, at July 16th, at Below are my device details: James, You really rock. My display is G, what could i do? But does not say how to create one Wu, Arban, Quick update.

Please advise me, how to add the new resolution into the Ubuntu displays menu, thanks, Tomas Peceny. June 16th, at This content has been marked as final. The batch works by clicking its icon and ‘Run’. Archibael would probably knowfor sure if he’s around.