Do you have to install the OS in order to do this? It is correct to use Mr. So sad that it should come to this So long and thanks for all the fish. Okey I have just done that, I still get the same thing when I “make ” it though. Thus they need not be downloaded.

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Add this line to your wvdial. But I installed the make package and that was fixed. Vouters driver on Gutsy and things are working right. I suspected as much if the speed claims were genuine and not software fabricated like hard coding video cards to show good results on benchmark tests. I am a new user of linux.

I can’t help but wonder why the susie one wouldn’t compile Let’s try one last thing: Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. So I am using the script provided with the driver. These hardware-controller modems use Texas Instruments chipset the same chipset used by USRbut with firmware developed by Cirrus.


Hello, I followed the instructions for the latest driver and got the following problem: Also I would want to ask how to creat a conection with wvdial or chippset My Intel gets solid connects every time. Intel has a generic driver – but the driver does not upgrade firmware.

Intel Modems — download drivers

It looks physically much larger than some of the winmodems though Fri Jun 20, 7: Did everything go right with that? Vouters, It will work better. Please download this one in your windows session and copy it on your Ubuntu desktop. I found the value of to give the fastest download rate for me average about 4 kbps. Is there any way to tell by just looking at the board? This is with ver.

help me find a decent HARDWARE PCI *modem*

Modwm will need to use a computer with internet connection to get these files: Could you please post that wvdial. About seconds later I’m connected.

The only thing that I can think is that there was a problem in compiling your module. It kept saying connection active but I couldn’t use internet? Selecting previously deselected package cpp.


On the terminal lets cd to Desktop and execute the following three commands The order is important: When I try to extract modem drivers using this command tar -zxvf IntelEP Then type sudo apt-get update Then, assuming your computer architecture is x, type: Hopefully a Linux re-install will carry my settings across.

The principal sources of info for this little guide are: Yesterday i instaled linux for the first time so i am absolute noob.

I believe this could be possible. There are a few very proficient guys there which might give us a light on the problem. No such file or directory installing module install: famjly