If the primary server fails for some reason, then applications can switch to the fallback server. For example, an application that displays a numeric column can ask the driver to convert the data from numeric to character:. Applications should keep transactions as short as possible by not requiring user input while in a transaction. When a user sets the trace flag, the user also generally sets a couple of other trace flags to control the trace:. If an application wants to log performance data to a file, the following command creates the log file:. This option should only be used for situations where the text or image data is not critical, and the data owners are willing to trade data recovery for higher performance. Applications should minimize data conversions.

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Having many users concurrently issue SQLPrepare commands can create a concurrency problem on the system tables in tempdb. In,ine more information about the codes returned by the different underlying network protocol stacks, see the following sources:.

Usage count increased to 1. When an application calls an ODBC function in synchronous mode, the driver does not return control to the application until it is notified that the server has completed the command.

QuickBooks Online Data Provider – ODBC Remoting

If a driver reports incorrect or incomplete information about the SQL dialect it supports, you can use Tableau customizations to fine tune this connection information in order to improve functionality and performance. The following customizations can help improve functionality for data sources with default capabilities that are not optimal.

When odbcping makes a successful connection, it displays a message indicating the connection was successful and the versions of the driver and server.


ODBC iinline provide dialog boxes for supplying connection details such as the server, user name, and password. This will reduce the number of network roundtrips the application uses to perform the same work. To get these messages, the application can call SQLError.

With this option set on, SQL statements should comply with the Jnline rule that character data strings be enclosed in single quotes and that only identifiers, such as table or column names, be enclosed in double quotes:.

Customize and Tune ODBC Connections

If it does, the. These options can cause problems in existing stored procedures and triggers. The application should then begin the transaction, do the updates, and immediately commit or rollback the transaction without user interaction.

Even though the second transaction was rolled back, it still counted as a transaction.

This parameter specifies the file name the driver should use to log long-running queries. The driver manager primarily loads the modules comprising the driver and then passes all ODBC requests to the driver.

I haven’t experimented with that to see if I can replicate the issue. Now you need to determine if creating an extract or if trs the live connection as oodbc gives you the functionality you need.

When autocommit is on, each statement is a separate transaction and is automatically committed when it completes successfully. Static cursors are read-only. Here are the following steps.

Cursors – Prefer Holdable or Scrollable over Streaming cursors. This I am doing on a CentOS 7 box. When autocommit is on, each individual statement is committed dts the server. SQLBindParameter normally binds a single variable to a parameter, and SQLParamOptions is used to extend this binding so that it binds an array of variables to a parameter.


A value of ” indicates support for all standard SQL aggregate functions. For example, when an application attempts to open a named-pipe connection to a server that is currently shut down, the error string returned is:. If the application needs to have the data converted, it is more efficient for the application to ask the driver to do the pdbc conversion than for the application to do it.

The driver can also be instructed to open trusted connections when connecting to a server that is running with standard or mixed security. The site does not have to depend on all application programmers coding their SQL statements correctly in all the applications.

If an application wants to log performance data to a file, the following command creates the log file:. Also, both programs use the inlihe function, ProcessLogMessages, whose source code has been deleted from Getimage. On SQLExecutethe engine simply executes the precompiled execution plan and returns the results to the client, thereby saving the overhead of parsing and recompiling the execution plan.

CData ODBC Driver for Exact Online – CData ODBC Driver for Exact Online

The application could then do a fetch on the cursor opened for the other statement handle:. A call to SQLError then returns the following message:. Your comment pdbc only be submitted if the strings match.