I notice also that your firmware version is one higher than my V1. Can I somehow get the firmware?? Phew ive create 3 account just to download those file. I will create another account to download this and try it. Google translation is not enough for me to understand all in and outs of mydigit. Wed Mar 04, 5: No match record Product Vendor:

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Mine is boit player same with this but ingenic chips. No match record Chip Part-Number: I see I’m rather late to the game I only got interested in jz players this week: Ingenic JZ Flash Memory: I used this firmware to recover my bricked player. Does anyone know how the “Recover System” option works for this Ingenic player?

There are 0 user s on chat now: Does anyone know where such drivers can be found? Wed Mar 04, I also sent you an email reply to your other queries t68kv, Can you share the info on how you were able to recover your “bricked” player I then carefully opened up the player and found that it had an Ingenic JZ47xx chip.


Margatejack, I have not found any way to extract the firmware of my Ingenics mp5 player, so I don’t have the 1. BTW, you don’t need any luck on downloading files from mydigit.

Thu Mar 05, 6: Wed Uwb 04, 5: Does it have a copy of the compressed firmware on-board and makes a recover from that file, or do you need a backup copy of the firmware? The Ingenic’s web page in the development section for JZ, has downloads for USB Boot tool, but it looks like you need to develop your own drivers?

Devics flash provided here by other members and on mp4nation does not detect my player.

In appearance, it is exactly the same as “Coversion Free 3” After one day of buying this player i became addict and lack of sleep http: Modifying theme with this format is posible because of this link. Thu Mar 05, 7: No match record Product Vendor: Ingdnic any one has a.


OndaVX < Main < Wiki

BTW, i can’t download some firmware posted at mydigit. I got some software from mydigit.

Autofils, I notice that your serial number is the same as mine. But after many hours of searching and experiment ive successfully recover.

Download and install Ingenic Jz4740 USB Boot Device Rockbox USBtool driver

Searching for posible working firmware or manual editing of images or themes. Need to study more about that flash firmware. Can I somehow get the firmware?? Is this bad news?

I try to flash firmwares from onda but not successful. I recently purchased a Mp5 player with Tv-out, which I assumed was a 27xx RockChip, but when I tired to extract the firmware using rkusb.

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