They provide information about the machine and help you locate problems that may have occurred. The face sheet surface must cover the entire carrier sheet, and no adhe- sive should come through on the surface. Do not load above the mark. The paper size can be selected automatically according to the document size or it can be specified manually. Select the [General] tab. The card can only be placed on the original glass.

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Standard mode [Mode 2]: Select the method to search for destinations. Insert the new transfer belt unit along the rails. Envelope Envelope Print on the front address side only. Clearing Media Misfeeds To avoid damage, always remove misfed media gently, without tearing it. Color], Original Type] [Color] Select whether the document will be scanned in color or black and white. Pull the lever to the right to lock it in place.

Do not burn the imaging unit.

OS Compatibility

Hold the imaging unit with both hands, and then shake it twice as shown in the illustration. Entering text In the keyboard 355p, press the character that you want to enter. Load the envelopes flap side up in the tray. Close the tray 2. Load the paper face up in Tray 3 or Tray 4.


Relative color is applied to the RGB source profile. Overwritten with 1-byte random num- bers Overwritten with 1-byte random num Address Book The information for destinations E-mail addresses and computer folders, etc.

Press the [Mode Memory] iheo. If the administrator password is incorrectly entered three times, machine operations are locked.

Storing a copy program A maximum of 15 copy programs can be stored. For details fed in the does not meet the on the documents that can be loaded, ADF.

The settings that can be specified differ for each mode. Item Description [Paper Settings] Specify settings for the paper and paper trays. A vivid output is produced. In the initial Scan 3p E-mail mode screen, press Press [Search].

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Return the laser lens cleaning tool to its holder on the inside of the tray 2. Press in on the waste toner bot- tle until it locks into place. Initial Copy mode screen No. Media Rollers The accumulation of paper dust and other debris on the media rollers can cause media-feeding problems. Cleaning the machine A-2 Consumable Life Expectancy Chart The password must be entered if one has been specified for the job.


Scan Quality] [Scan Quality] The quality can be adjusted for the document to be scanned. Gently close the ADF cover. The font numbers that appear correspond to the PCL font list. Although damage is not certain to result from using non-genuine toner cartridges, inwo strongly recommend that you use genuine toner cartridges.