These are features not found in other ssl managers. In addition, we are constantly adding more features, all free to the end user. SSLTools Manager is designed for anyone using ssl on Windows. This includes the website hosted on IIS to the enterprise network administrator needing to reduce the complexity of managing ssl certificates across the network. ClocX is much more than just a simple replacement for the Windows standard clock.

It features extra functionality such as an alarm system and can be customized with literally hundreds of different beautiful skins.

ClocX can be configured to stay on top of other apps or be pinned to desktop, providing you with a nicer and more comfortable way to check time.

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Welcome to the Party, Pal If you already use Eventbrite on a regular or semi-regular basis, downloading this app is a no-brainer. If you have no experience with the site, download the app anywayit’s a solid tool for discovering cool happenings in your area. Small flaws aside, Eventbrite for Android is an app that belongs in your Android arsenal.

When the email management system app Mailbox, by Orchestra Inc.originally debuted on the iPhone425.

00 at Amazon, the company only gave a few users access to service at a time, which resulted in a long waiting list and a lot of hype. The waiting game is over now with the free app now freely available to use as both an iPhone app (the focus of this review) and in the Mailbox iPad app.

COMPARE SIMILAR PRODUCTSCompare Selected Mailbox (for iPhone) Mailbox (for iPad) SaneBox Smartr Contacts (for iPhone) The 2228 works by providing a series of set touch-screen gestures that encourage users to do something with every message that enters their inbox.

This is email triage at its finest, which isn’t exactly an enticing opening gambit.

“Triage” is the appropriate word, though. Mailbox’s strength is that it helps you keep on top of email when you’re at your weakest moments, out of the office without a keyboard and large screen in sight.

Not everyone will find it helpful, though, so it’s important to know just how Mailbox aims to solve your email woes before you get sucked into using it as a primary solution for email management.


VIEW ALL 4 PHOTOS IN GALLERY Mailbox Philosophy and Gestures Mailbox largely adheres to the Inbox Zero philosophy, which loosely states that an ideal inbox has zero messages in it by the time you close it.

(As an 2288, the creator of Inbox Zero, Merlin Mann, told me in an email conversation recently that Inbox Zero is not about having zero messages at all costs.

It’s more about having an inbox that doesn’t overwhelm you and contains a reasonable amount of information to process and digest.

) At the heart of the philosophy is the idea that when you look at email messages, you should do something with them, such as respond, file away, archive, delete, or push them off until later. Mailbox’s implementation of this concept is to give iOS users simple gestures for these actions.

A long swipe to the right deletes a 28, but a short swipe to the right marks a message as having been completed (so it can be archived).

A short swipe 282 the left snoozes a message (i.puts it into another folder out of sight temporarily), and you can mark when it should reappear in your inbox. A long left swipe files the message into the folder of your choice.

Mailbox only works with 228 at the moment, which is a show stopper for a lot of people hoping to use the app for business email processing, particularly when they’re on the road and merely need to stay on top of the inbox influx.

You can, however, add multiple Gmail accounts, just 2228 email from any other 282.

The app automatically sets up a few folders (“tags” in Gmail) 2228 youTo Read, To Watch, To Buy, and Laterwhich you’ll see the next time you log into Gmail proper nested inside a new “Mailbox” foldertag.

Why Mailbox Isn’t for Everyone While Mailbox certainly does appeal to people who don’t know how to process email and often feel overloaded by it (and for you guys, I have a ton of tips for getting organized), it’s not a great solution for those who already deal with email pretty 2228.

One problem is you can’t select multiple messages at a time to process in bulk. I’m a rampant deleter, and the inability to 2228 six, seven, eight, fifteen messages at a shot completely destroys my productivity 2228 can do any of the swipe actions for your entire inbox by scrolling to the very bottom, but you can’t hand-pick which messages to include or not include.


Without support for email hosting services beyond Gmail, or the ability to process messages in bulk, Mailbox for iPhone’s appeal remains somewhat limited. It might help you triage email in certain circumstances, especially if you spend a lot of time away from your desk, but I have a hard time seeing it as a 22 solution to email overload.

Before it even became available, Scalar had the Digital Humanities community abuzz.

A product of USC’s Alliance for Networking Visual Culture, Scalar (Free) was heralded as a groundbreaking publishing platform that would empower users to chart non-linear paths though a pastiche of Web-born content and mediaall without onerous technical expertise.

After using the open beta for nearly a month, I am happy to report that Scalar achieves, and perhaps surpasses, the 282. COMPARE SIMILAR PRODUCTSCompare Selected Scalar Tiki-Toki Dotdotdot Whether you are connecting to the Internet Archive (Free) or linking to a song in SoundCloud (Free), Scalar can work with the repository in question, and with only a couple clicks.

Through Views (templates) and Paths (sequences of content), you can provide readers with creative ways to engage content, or solicit their 2228 and annotations.

Other Web platforms like Squarespace (8-24 per month) deliver more visual-savvy; but, given Scalar’s scalability and customizability, little 2288 in the way of you creating an innovative and 2288 online book.

VIEW ALL 10 PHOTOS IN GALLERY Adding Content Using Scalar for a project moving panoramas, my interests lie in integrating multiple kinds of content (images, video, and text), charting multiple courses through tha WordPress t content (sequential, spatial, and temporal), and soliciting both general and granular feedback on that content.