Initially, logo was a sunflower designed in black and white. English Bangali Gujarati Hindi. In the following logo designs, we have not limited ourselves with one type of logo but included almost all types of industries, brands and products, including non-profit organizations. Now, designers in India have also started following new trends in logo designs, which has less colors, objects and graphics. The depiction of a circular suspended form in the center part of the logo reminds of the welcome symbols used at the doors of Indian homes.

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The logo for the institute presents the simple letterform in Devanagri. It is involved in engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, information technology, and financial services, and has a global spread of offices and advanced manufacturing facilities in India, China, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The journey began in with a vegetable oil company and today it has branched into varied fields like IT, electrical and furniture. Its products include foods, beverages, cleaning agents, personal care ondeo and water purifiers. It symbolically depicts a dawn of new identity of every individual, endowed with a unique number for each individual. The green colour represents a greener tomorrow and a safer future.


25 Indian Company Logo Designs

This is one of the biggest government companies in India in Oil and Gas sector. Vintage Bicycle Logo Template. That being said all the examples are in English, as are most of the brand websites. Reputation of a company depends liigos brand value and logos help companies enhance brand awareness.

Indian Logo Maker

Tata logo is eye-catching for its simplicity. In the following logo designs, we have not limit our self with one type of logo design but logo designs from almost all type of industries, brands and products including non-profit organizations.

Tech Probe Mahindra Treo. Boho Yoga Meditation Vector Background. She’s led the company’s public relations and social media programs since With a customer base of 60 lakhs it is one of the high-performing banks of India.

We have it in us to move in that direction. Atithi devo bhava seems to be the theme as a mark of welcome. When Ljgos government ventured into external trade in this logo was designed for Trade Fair Authority of India. From then on, the journey of multiple logos began where the logo was drawn over and over for different applications.

Which book has Chidambaram authored? The White Revolution changed the face of India giving livelihood to thousands of milkmen in Anand and beyond.


Since then the brand underwent many logo changes until when it completed years and unveiled its current logo. A famous shoe company.

Dragon Boat Festival Logo Elements. Nexus 7 had chipset of this company. Not just the way a company operates, but also how they portray themselves to their target audience. T hink you know your companies well?

25 Top Indian logos which made their mark

From to now, LEGO has always been something that we loved to play, but know that it wasn’t its iconic red, white, yellow, and black since forever. The depiction of a circular suspended form in the center part of the logo reminds of the welcome symbols used at the doors of Indian homes. It is also signifies tree of trust and fountain of knowledge. My country is powerful.

Royal Bank of Scotland C. The current logo is so far the simplest resolution for the brand from its beginning. Anonymous 31 Dec