The most important is the output voltages. Bryce Harrington bryce on Actually the image display is perfect. Actually Steve is right about the motherboard repair unless you can source the part and have the BGA rework machine. In the time to come could I ask you some laptop problem, since the laptop video repair by Steve only cover trivial issues; if he claims it was motherboard problem then nothing can be done whereas I want to do is the motherboard repair. Try use freezer on this FET and if the set will work for longer hour then this might be the culprit.

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There are no electronic supply parts store in my area… The most important is the output voltages. Get the coolant to spray on that IC as well. If the monitor are using 3rd graded tube then the tube can have problem Some of the tube even has shadow of the display they used to show only one sort of display along the working service time of the monitor.

I have cleaned the anode cap surrounding area, and there is no grease.

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Main Lim17f back ranged with 4 rings. What is the highest temperature of HOT do you ever notice when monitor is on, but you know the monitor is working well and will last long? I remember the earlier communication you advised me to replace all the capacitors on the inverter board which I did but still not sorting out the problem hence coming back to you for more advice as you are more experienced on that basing on the PDF books of LCD monitor repairs that I bought from you.


Make sure the spec that can check bigger tv. If the tube is from low quality and have shadow then most probably the tube have problem. I came up with checking each of their temperatures, using a dab of wax on each to see which melted first, cutting traces, using signal injectors to see which iisoni bled into the rail and etc. Posted December 10, I can only measure it using the analyzer.

I have several of them that I have either purchased or down loaded… Thanks for the support!

iisonoc Do you think I can use this multimeter, or would you recommend to look for a better one? Any ways to test it? Thanks for your usual help. Next purchase, blue ring tester. June 23, iim17t Although i have not tested this kind of connection using one battery, the best is to replace with the original spec to avoid any problem.

If you could access the service mode of the tv then there is chances this tv color can be adjusted. When i purchase parts from my supplier sometimes i do encounter this kind of problem but at the end both still can be used. I know this is a lot of data, but the conclusion is assuming the ripple noted on the main filter cap is not causing problems, the Scalar IC is trying to fail and is not outputting control signals to the OSD or the EPROM is corrupted… What is your opinion.

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I enjoy your newsletters and have picked up many useful tips, thanks! Hi Robert, Indeed it is a very beautiful coun Pedro Motilla from Valencia, Spain. Actually it is normal for all ESR meter to check the leaky cap as normal.


IISONIC IIM17F monitor.

I’m having significant difficulty getting my Radeon with the proprietary ATI driver. I did not know anything about electronic repair and with the help of your books I have been able to repair more than a dozen Computer Monitors and TVs.

I know this is a lot of data, but the conclusion is assuming the ripple noted on the main filter cap is not causing problems, the Scalar IC is trying to fail and is not outputting control signals to the OSD or the EPROM is corrupted…. If there is no dry joints in the high voltage transformer and the supply voltage to inverter ic is normal then one of the backlight already have problem.

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The reason for it is because the leak is not too severe till it could affect the reading of the cap ESR. The choke itself did not wound properly The load or the flybck transformer have problem the surrounding components have problem. The main challenge is servicing these things I think is in setting the boards up for testing so as to be able to see what is happening… I use a Sencore pwr transformer, Sencore analyzer, Fluke meter and a Dick Smith ESR for testing.

Certain power supply use optoisolator ic and the cpu will send a signal to iik17f optoisolator ic in order to fully turn on the main power supply.