Thanks for your help, Jack Schrager. Can anyone recommend a good NAS or external hard drive I can just plug into our network – and one that Netware will recognize as just another volume? Novell’s certified LAN drivers page – usually older drivers. This option is available from the installation driver selection menu. HAM needs to be installed. The attempt to load the driver reentrantly failed because the driver was unable to complete reentrant module registration with the NWPA. HAM fails to initialize and generates message:

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HAM needs to be installed. Used by many vendors, such as Dell, HP Compaqetc. TIA for your help. Where can I get a new version?

If Z is set, the driver loaded successfully for the primary channel. Netware multi-path failover does not automatically recover idezta Netware V6. On the 6th of October, Mr. If C is set, the primary slave device is detected. For each byte section, the above command will produce a display similar to the following:.


How much storage do you need? Using this option causes the driver to ignore requests to check for media change.

Debugging Information Provided by IDEATA.HAM v4.10

I suggest you try to do your install using the latest overlay CD available here: So the only way to get it until those SPs are released is download an eval of 6. For example, the dirty abort action will actually appear as The Origin of this information may be internal or external to Novell.

The greatest DMA level supported by the chipset.

Determine the correct port address and reload the driver using this value. DMA – not used. Russian discussion on this topic. The line addresses are represented by As, and unused fields are represented by Xs: Support for new IDE chipsets for Netware 5.

The control port address. Each byte is defined as in CD above. Switches and technical stuff. This option is ideara from the installation driver selection menu. The driver needs to scan configuration space to avoid unsupported controllers.

Novell NetWare Support Pack 5 Install hangs while loading

HAM driver are as follows: The command data port address. Marvell drivers Yukon, 88Exxxx, etc. HAM fails to initialize and generates message: LL Driver load status bitmap.


HBA QL Check the server is running correctly by running the “list failover devices” command on the Netware server. CDM now ideat have command line options that can modify the behavior of the driver or display certain kinds of information about the driver or storage interface.

With NW 6, 4G is what you get to work with. By running hdetect CPU processing went back to normal.

Using this switch enables the driver’s ability to raise the DMA mode of the device. Since the driver populates the array sequentially, the first section of all zeroes encountered signals the end of the list of detected IDE chipsets.