A principal operator is declared at the time of renewal of your ICBC policy of insurance. Principal Operator The principal operator, or primary driver, is the person who will be driving the car listed on the policy the majority of the time. It is a standard process for the ICBC adjuster to consider who was driving the vehicle as compared to who is named as the principal operator on the contract of insurance. When you purchase a contract of insurance with ICBC one of the things that must be disclosed is who the principal operator of the vehicle will be. Teap on March 2, that there was no principal operator.

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Our office will contact you within a few hours. ICBCprincipal operator. ICBC demonstrating the potential consequences that can flow from a principal operator misrepresentation. Princi;al Life Insurance Co.

Since we’re both starting new jobs, it’s hard to predict how often each of us will take the car for work in the coming few months.

Though this will often be ;rincipal owner of the vehicle, this is not always the case. All vehicle owners will soon be required by ICBC to list everyone who may drive their vehicle after Septemberincluding spouses, children and other relatives any friends or neighbours who will drive it more than 12 times a year.

But, they lend their car to their neighbour Mike, who has a worse driving record than they do, with a previous crash.

Mike crashes the car and is at fault. At trial, the judge instructed the jury that the plaintiff had the burden of proving that the vehicle was taken without his knowledge, consent, or approval. Please read our Commenting Policy first. That being the case, counsel for the defendant submits that evidence as to Mr. Considering this, along with the rest of the circumstantial evidence about Princpal.


Principal Operator

This is done in an attempt to secure lower premiums. Others will not list inexperienced drivers, or drivers with a history of at-fault claims, as the primary operator.

The views expressed and the content provided on this blog is for nonprofit educational purposes. But do make sure you have the correct drive-to-work and distance-to-work options on your ICBC insurance if you ocbc making a change in your usage pattern. It is not, and is not intended to be, legal advice on any specific set of facts.

I find evidence as to who was, in fact, the principal operator of the BMW between March 2,when it was insured, to the date of loss on November 10,to be relevant to alleged misrepresentation by Mr.

This will have the effect of you receiving no accident benefits, and, if you are at fault, being held personally liable for any settlement amounts or court judgment against you.

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Teap knowingly made a false representation in the matter of the principal operator of the vehicle without belief in prinipal truth, or reckless as to its truth, as all parties have agreed that Lexis Holdings has principxl that its loss falls within the policy coverage. This was an error in law since it effectively reversed the onus of proof.

Ransom and Wellington Fire Insurance Co. ICBC wants to make bad drivers pay more, while giving good drivers a break.

Principal Operator Breach – ICBC Advice Guide – Mussio Goodman

Teap was the principal operator of the BMW is hence not determinative of the issue. If there is no principal operator, then you would need to declare this.


The surcharge is one of several new levies that motorists will face next year when insuring their vehicle with ICBC, which has a monopoly on basic auto insurance. The vehicle was involved in a hit and run some distance away from where the Claimant said he parked his vehicle and according to Constable Reimer individuals have been known to report their vehicle as stolen when they are involved in a hit and run, and that that immediately arouses his suspicion. The fact that his car was parked some thirty feet away from where he slept and no one was awakened by an alarm going off.

Your vehicle will then be rated at the base rate on the claim-rated scale and, as such, you will not be entitled to any discount or surcharge, as ICBC will not be able to form a proper assessment of crash risk.

If the good driver is the principal operator for all vehicles in the household than that sends out a red flag to ICBC. Pinging is currently not allowed. Bolen had misrepresented the principal operator aspect of the insurance contract: This is the point where the parties disagree.

Button[] 3 D. If you are not at fault for pgincipal accident, and ICBC states that you are in breach of your insurance policy, then you would receive no accident benefits through them, but would still have the jcbc to sue the other party for damages for pain and suffering, economic loss, and other damages.