Nooor, Thanks for the info on the SD card, I have a few ideas. Is there a way to format the hidden partition on the Shift and get a clean partition? When I press the button to change resolution and then I go to classic desktop, I got the windows to install. This step is solely optional but as a lot of the Metro apps in the Developer Preview are tied up with Live ID integration it may not a bad idea to do this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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If you see that it seems an issue, change the channel on your Wi-Fi router. Thanks for the info on the SD card, I have a few ideas. Hi Peter, The recovery command prompt is built into the Windows 8 setup process so if your qifi trouble getting the USB stick to boot into setup your not getting far enough into the process to run the recovery console. You may want to have a read of http: At this point your Shift is running Windows 8, all that remains is to actually get the hardware drivers working so we can get hyc graphical goodness, touchscreen, 3G and the like working.

Free Download! Latest driver updates for HTC Shift – Shift

Select yes to rebooting at the end do this or things get very messy. The hardware all around is just great. Please excuse my bad english. Also it was sticking on boot screen, which started happening at the same time.


It will take a few minutes and check at the end that there are no warning shown and you should be good to go. Hi Peter and DonCarlos, I did a little experimentation last night with trying the install while having an SD clio1600 inserted.

I rebooted again, since it seemed it installed some new hardware.

Already had an email from someone who could not get the 64bit Preview with all the Developer Toys sifi as the Shift is a 32bit CPU that is not all that surprising. If your not actually getting into the Windows 8 setup it comes up a few minutes after the blue squares and you have already rebuilt the USB stick the chances are you wufi have a USB stick that the Shift does not like.

You should cancel the request to enable. Well well well, here we go! Very clear and easy to understand instructions.

Primary Menu

After the reboot you should have a working touchscreen and a bunch of other processes kicked off and drivers being automagically installed. I choose Install now and after two minutes I get this error: InstallSafe Protect your browser and PC. Everithing is working perfectly until now…. Answers Your questions answered. Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews. The driver install order below is wifk one that worked well for cilo160 and mitigated the problems that arise with the hardware or SmartScreen filtering now baked into the core of Windows not allowing installs due to the lack of internet access to check digital signatures.

Show More Show Less. Windows 8 includes a feature that used to only be part of IE that calls off to an MS web service to verify digital signatures are valid ckio160 newer type signed executables.


Hi, The reason you get the green SmartScreen error messages is the lack of an Internet connection.

No part of this process is very complicated, it mostly came down to installing the right drivers in the right orderjust read the post and follow each point and you should not go far wrong. To quickly and easily update them, simply choose to download and install all out of date items and you will immediately restore maximum performance and stability to your PC!

Thanks very much for the support. To be confirmed if any particular app is causing this issue, you need to boot the device in safe mode. For example, if you have the physical slideout keyboard open you get no OSK, if you have it shut the OSK will show up when you enter a text box. Again turn both on and try the connection.

As for removing the hidden partition on the shift, the Guide tells you how to do just that. Make sure that Mac filtering is turned off, if not turn it off.