Databases are not closed when the last connection to the database is explicitly closed via JDBC. It is also the only relational database that can create and access large comma delimited files as SQL tables. A database has many optional properties, described in the System Management chapter. When using relative paths, these paths will be taken relative to the directory in which the shell command to start the Java Virtual Machine was executed. HyperSQL provides two optional security mechanisms. If no username or password is specified, the default SA user and an empty password are used. PreparedStatement object is used to execute a single statement repeatedly.

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Please note that you do not normally use this mode if you are using the database engine in an application server. You can specify most of these properties on the URL or in the connection properties for the first connection that creates the database.

Note When the engine closes the database at a shutdown, it creates temporary files with the extension. For this reason, a res: Running Database Access Tools.

In general, JDBC is used for all access to databases.

Mdbc objects can be reused, but if they are not needed after performing the operations, they should be closed. The database performance test package PolePosition compares the performance of relational and object databases for storing objects. A database has many optional properties, described in the System Management chapter. It is known for its small size, ability to execute completely or partly in memory, its flexibility and speed.


Instead, the public name defined for dbname. As a result you cannot check the contents of the database hhsql external tools such as Database Manager while your application is running.

Download hsqldb-2.2.8.jar : hsqldb « h « Jar File Download

PreparedStatement object is used to execute a single statement repeatedly. An additional jar, sqltool. Both mechanisms can be specified when running the Server or WebServer. There are several other distinctive features.

In this situation, connections to a catalog are usually made in-processor using a separate Server. The first time in-process connection shql made to a database, some general data structures are initialised and a few helper threads are started.

Download hsqldbjar : hsqldb « h « Jar File Download

A connection should be reused as much as possible and closed only when it is not going to be used again for a long while.

Reuse is more important for server connections. HyperSQL provides two optional security mechanisms. There are three server modes, based on the protocol used for communications between the client and server. They do not provide a web front end to the database.


Statement can be reused to execute a different statement each time. It translates jdvc connections into in-process connections hsqk the databases. But the speed and performance depends on the type of connection. Java code to connect to the local secure SSL hsql and http Servers. PreparedStatement is much faster than using a java. All these files are essential and should never be deleted. Creating a New Database.

But if a second connection is made to an open database, using a path and name that differs only in case, then the connection is made to the existing open database.

HSQLDB – Connect

Each time a connection is made, a port is allocated by the operating system hhsql deallocated after the connection is closed. As a result, repeated use of a java. The server can also act as a small general-purpose web server for static pages.

If many connections are made hsqp a single client, the operating system may not be able to keep up and may refuse the connection attempt.