Gigabit Ethernet Broadcom Netlink Wireless Puts the notebook in standby if the display is closed while the notebook is turned on. Execute frequently used system functions when pressed in combination with the fn key. Num lock is on or the embedded numeric keypad is enabled. I have found that I need to turn it off and instead use an external mouse.

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Volume down button HP Compaq nx models only.

HP Compaq nx – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

Not only does this expose the sensitive contacts to grime and dirt but you can actually see the insides of the machine through the gap. I guess you could extend this if you dimmed the screen and turned off wireless etc. Click the images for larger view. How does HP install software and gather data? Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

I can see now the purpose of those metal covers on many notebook displays. HP dans HD Graphicsunknown, In hibernation, briefly press the button to exit hibernation. There exists a drivers site and a White Paper on how to install Windows but some of the drivers are older than the XP ones or lack some functionality.


HP Compaq Nx6125 Fingerprint Reader Board Ls-2546p

A battery pack that is the only available power source has reached a low-battery condition. Enables airflow to cool internal components. You can run the occational game on it but not the latest ones.

Info Center fingerpront HP Compaq nx models only. But lighness and thinness have their price; the display flexes quite a bit. As a portable office it has it all.

If the notebook is connected to an external power source, the light is turned off when all batteries in the notebook are fully charged. In standby, briefly press the button to exit standby. Enables numeric lock, turns on the embedded numeric keypad, and turns on the num lock light.

Input and Output Ports Click the images for larger view The two USB ports on the side are, as usual, placed too close to each other to accomodate anything but the slimmest connectors.

Connects an optional stereo or monaural microphone.

HP Compaq nx 15″ Notebook Laptop 2GB 80GB HD

IT Reviews Just by looking at the Compaq nx, you know exactly who HP is targeting, clothed as it is in its corporate dark grey skin. S-Video-out jack HP Compaq nx models only. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The battery is extremely easy and fast to replace so getting a nxx6125 normal battery might be a better option than getting the heavy and bulky travel battery.


My life has always consisted of working, studying and travelling with a notebook but now my old trustworthy Powerbook cs dating back to the stoneage was beginning to get me weird looks from people I was dealing with.

The miniature 4-pin firewire connector is also flimsy and you can forget about powering your external HD with it.

HP Compaq Nx6125 Fingerprint Reader Board Ls-2543

Turns the wireless functionality on or off, but does not create a wireless connection. Gigabit Ethernet Broadcom Netlink Wireless Secures the primary battery pack into the battery bay. This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. The scratch-proof anti-glare coating works well for every condition expect for direct sun light. Fingerprint reader HP Compaq nx models only.

The MultiBay II must also be connected to an external power source. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions.