Optional Change the LUN setting. Italso describes how to configure this interface by setting system preferences,configuring users, and managing licenses. During normal operation, all software versions should be thesame on both controller modules. Do I have to buy another Smart Array P card to enable the fifth enclosure to my configuration above? Hewlett-Packard Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the impliedwarranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Page Reconstructing a Virtual DiskIf one or more drives fail in a redundant virtual disk RAID 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, or 50 andproperly sized spares are available, the storage system automatically uses the sparesto reconstruct the virtual disk. Position 1 is the top and 16 is the bottom.

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If a service is disabled, it continues to run but cannot be accessed. If a task fails, an error icon is displayed and the task type and status are shown inred.

Each sub-vdisk can have 2—8drives. A manual rescan is not required to detect when drives are inserted or removed; thecontrollers do this automatically.

HPE 3PAR NULL INF for SCSI Enclosure Device

Select the level of events to include in the FA2. In the Assign Host Access Privileges panel, select a host.

This value is rounded to the nearest Gbyte and is shown to the right of this field asTargeted Virtual Disk Size. To update disk drive firmware: They, in turn, append digitsto the number to identify individual devices or software processes.


Page 35 Deleting UsersYou can delete any user from the system, including the default users. If one controller fails in aswitch attach configuration using loop topology, the host ports on the survivingcontroller present the port WWNs for both controllers.

Solved: Driver HP pG3 fc/iscsi scsi enclosure device – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

The main disadvantage of amirrored virtual disk is its cost. Misc ConfigurationAs an Advanced user, you can view the following categories of configurationsettings: The task remains in the current state until an associated schedule initializes thetask to run again.

This book uses the following convention toindicate the steps in navigating to a function: A pop-up shows wcsi enclosure status and other details. If youkeep the default ones, change their default passwords.

Enable or disable visual notification. A dual-controller MSAi storage system uses port 0 of each controller as onefailover pair and port 1 of each controller as a second failover dveice.

Select a master volume to take snapshots of.

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The system uses port 0 of eachcontroller as one failover pair, and port 1 of each controller as a second failoverpair. These events are often used by the vendor to determinethe root cause of a drive failure. Expansion begins np the percentage completed is shown.

  5188-2907 XP DRIVER

Page A mirrored virtual disk is also highly reliable, because both disk drives in a pairmust fail for msa20012i virtual disk to fail. If itsucceeded, the volume is removed from the Volume Menu panel. Tell us about it.

Pause your cursor over an enclosure icon. Hewlett-Packard Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited devoce, the impliedwarranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

A drive enclosure that is directly attached to ahost.

The controllers also share one set of LUNs to usefor mapping volumes to hosts. Page 43 If host port interconnects are enabled, the paired ports are connected in a loop andmust be set to use loop topology. To fix such aproblem you might need to reset controller host ports channels.

A speed mismatch with the host prevents the host from accessing the storagesystem. Thesystem name and location are displayed in the System Panel. There are marks and scuffs on the exterior. See Fibre Channel FC. For example, you mightwant to identify the location, name, or use of the system.