It may be necessary to provide some of this information if you call customer service. Using Internet Tools Internet tools are designed to help you set up and monitor a broadband cable modem or DSL connection. A wireless or WiFi network provides all the functions of a wired network, while also having the flexibility to be in different locations within the radio-signal network. Now that the wireless device is turned On and Enabled, locate the available wireless networks icon in the toolbar notification area. This document assumes that you have Created a Wireless Home Network as discussed in another document, or you are trying to connect to a known working wireless network in a location that offers WIFI access for its customers. This page requires Javascript. Getting things working on HP G laptop Thanks hansdown, did see that but dismissed it as it’s the wrong model laptop but with have a look through.

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The power switch for the wireless LAN device, and the Bluetooth device if equippedis located on the side of the case or above the keyboard depending on the model. If some security condition, such as the password has changed, you will be prompted to enter the new password. Over time, the data on the hard disk drive becomes fragmented – meaning it is scattered in several places on the hard disk drive.

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Currently have fwcutter installed hhp not activated and the STA drivers are active but not running. Click Troubleshooting Toolsand then under HP System Information, click Use this tool to view all the hardware and software installed on your machine.

Before you begin Before you connect to a wireless network for the first time, you must have the following:. Click Troubleshooting Netwotkand then under Internet Toolsclick Use these tools to help resolve issues with Internet connectivity.


Unless the battery is calibrated, a false status is reported to Windows, and that condition shortens the amount of time the battery powers the notebook PC. Enter the required network security information. What are the HP Supportability Tools? The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. December 13th, 7.

Start this connection automatically Select this option if you want the computer to automatically logon when it is in range of the wireless network. For example, you can use the learning centers to learn more about topics such as Power yp Battery, Home Networking, and Performance and Maintenance.

Using the HP System Information tool The System Information tool scans the computer and generates a report that lists information that is specific to your individual computer model, such as the amount of memory installed, size of the hard disk drive, serial number, product name, and product number. HP System Information Window. The items in list displaying a wrench on the right side can be corrected automatically netwwork clicking the wrench.

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This page requires Javascript. For example, clicking Hewlett Packard under Basic Information in the left pane displays detailed information about your HP computer on the right pane of the screen, including the serial number, product name, product number, warranty start date, and service ID.

Defragmenting rearranges the data so that it is closer together, thus allowing the hard disk drive to work more efficiently. If you setup your home network, you have this information.

I have the latest distro 9. A wireless adapter is built into to most notebooks and is identified by a wireless icon located on the front or side of the case. HP Modem Check window. Using Internet Tools Internet tools are designed to help you set up jp monitor a broadband cable modem or DSL connection.


Javascript is disabled in this browser. Click Troubleshooting Toolsand then under Modem Check, click Use this tool to detect any hardware issues with your nefwork modem. Clicking Improve computer performance launches the Microsoft Performance Information and Tools screen, from which you can run a baseline test of the CPU, RAM, and the graphics card that is installed on the computer.

Does anybody here have any advice they could give. Encryption type Additional feature of some types of security. Netwofk HP supportability tools are a collection of local diagnostic and repair programs that help you use your computer more effectively.

User’s Guides – These User’s Guides contain information that is specific to your exact computer model, including where various buttons and ports are located.

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For example, storing an excessive number of temporary files on the hard disk drive causes slow internet performance. If it is Offright-click the icon and select Open Wireless Assistant. Getting things working on HP G laptop Thanks hansdown, did see that but dismissed it as it’s the wrong model laptop but with have a look through.

If the computer does not have an HP factory image, you may want to search www.