Even small pieces of paper can cause paper feed issues. If both cartridges are in the carriage, skip to the next solution. Wait until the warm-up period completes before you continue. Rotate the rollers as you clean them to make sure they are clean all the way around. Load paper The product might be out of paper. The cover on the product might be open.

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Damp ink might cause the paper to stick together.

Plug the printer directly into a wall outlet Follow these steps to make sure that the product is connected to a suitable power source. Use both hands to pull whole sheets of paper to avoid tearing them. If the product prints when plugged directly into a wall outlet, the power strip or surge suppressor might not be allowing enough voltage to reach the product.

The product can only process one type of paper at a time.

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If the carriage is stuck in the middle of the productmove the carriage to the right side of the product. Replace the cartridge Follow these steps to replace the black cartridge. The cover on the product might be open.


Carefully remove any jammed paper and bits of torn paper from the rollers inside the product. Disconnect the power cord from any power strip or surge suppressor, and then plug it directly into the wall outlet. Trying to clear jammed paper from the front of the product can damage the print mechanism.

If any torn pieces of paper remain inside the product, more jams are likely to occur. Check the power connection on the product Follow these steps to check the power connection on the product. Open deskjte duplexer door. Remove the rear access door.

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After installing a new cartridge, the product automatically calibrates the cartridges and prints an alignment page. All lights are off The following light pattern displays on the control panel:. Choose hpp the following methods to remove and reattach the rear access door or duplexer to the rear of the product. Insert the door into the rear of the product, and then turn the door latch clockwise to secure the door in place. Remove the cartridge Press the Power button to turn on the product.

The lights indicate product status and are useful for diagnosing printing problems.

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Look at the drawing and then find the icon in the following dexkjet that matches the drawing. Even small pieces of paper can cause paper feed issues. Clean the paper pick rollers inside the product Your product has either a rear access door or a duplexer.


Clean the paper rollers Your product has either a rear access door, or a duplexer. If the test page does not print desmjet, continue with the next solution.

Insert cartridges Follow these steps to insert a cartridge. If the product does not turn on by itself, press the Power button to turn it on. You must disconnect the power cord to move the carriage mechanism by hand without the risk of electrical shock.

Reattach the output tray. Insert paper into the tray.

The Power light and the Resume light blink simultaneously. Follow these steps to determine the cartridge issue, and then continue to the next section for solutions to resolve the issue. Wait for the print job to complete Wait for the product to finish processing the print job. Do not remove jammed paper at this stage.