You can use all defaults. When I execute this from command prompt nothing happens. Double click “IBM Domino Server” on your desktop and follow the wizard just click next until the last step and you’ll be fine. Fill in details as shown in the screen below in this scenario I’m connecting to a local file on the same location as the DB server. I just upgraded notes to 9. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit — Lotus Client: To make the system itself more friendly to 3rd applications, Lotus also provides a driver — Lotus NotesSQL — so that 3rd applications can query data from Domino server.

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I was a developer but no any development tool now. Sign up using Email and Password.

This unstall the best, solved all my issues. My strongly recommended books to read. So to try and explain: Below you can find the steps I’ve learned through these experiments. Setup cannot locate a supported version of the required Notes or Domino software. The device is not ready.

Mat Newman

Path seeting reboot doesn’t seem to be required, Windows 7 64bit Enterprise Add this to path instsll or equivalent for your machine Admin hi I got this issue and tried your solution. However, I carefully checked this before I install it.


There is a Notes DB that is present on a shared drive that I have access to. I installed NotesSQL driver 8. Now we can spend many hours trawling google again for error and ‘Setup cannot locate a supported version’ errors, before finally giving up lotks the next release.

The purpose of doing this is to connect to the Notes DB using Excel and export the data in excel files.

HOWTO: Connecting to a Lotus Notes / Domino application using ODBC and Linked Server – OutSystems

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you’re using 32bit the steps will be different. That error indicates that you have a conflict between 32 and 64 bit version client vs server or vice versa. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit — Lotus Client: Your email address will not be published. I need to see the views to pull in notsesql data!

odbc – Lotus NotesSQL driver without a local Notes DB – Stack Overflow

Disable the Lotus Domino services to make sure they don’t start when you restart the machine. This demonstration utilises Microsoft Windows 8 as the Operating System and OpenOffice to test the configured connection. Configure authentication for NotesSQL.


Now I have nsf file on my local machine and lotus notes. Choose to configure it as a “Domino Utility Server” when asked.

How to access legacy data from Lotus Notes / Domino applications

If you have any ideas please help me. When you create the 32 bit application pool you must set its pipeline mode to “Classic”. Then check step 5 again, you have to add paths of notes.

Report is designed in crystal report 9 and i have window install on my system. I think you have to configure something to read data out correctly. Disable the Lotus Domino Services to make sure they don’t start when you restart the machine you really need to this, otherwise the odbc connection will not work. Therefore the following points are not really the prerequisites but are the boundary conditions.

I tried on https: It is possible that other version of the ODBC file installer are needed for different Notes versions.