For more details, please visit the following: Hi everyone, Hi how to handle the alert messages for duplicate data while fetching large amount of data from MS-Excel. I appreciate your efforts. Could you provide the code using testNG instead of junit. What do you want to use? If it throws No Such Element exception then you need to check whether you are on the correct page and then debug Reply.

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I have explained steps to add external Jar files to Java Build Path in previous posts.

I want my test case to run once and test n number of inputs at various positions. The first class, which you can call Main Class, will be public static void.

Parameterization/Data Driven Testing Of Selenium Webdriver Test Using Excel

Consider the example which I have explained earlier. Hi Seetaram, Thanks for looking into the issue and providing your feedback. I’m not sure if I get the question correctly, but I would do login function that takes login and password as parameters, and some role-checking function that takes role as parameter. Imaging it has 5 Username ans 5 Passwords and click the submit button. Tricky thing is making good role-checking function.


How to do parameterization in Selenium 2 WebDriver?

Dataprovider & TestNG XML: Parameterization in Selenium(Example)

Ideally you use data from another document, an excel cheet maybe. Now, you have all the data in the object. What should I do to read the excel seleniu. Then I would make list of dicts like. Use NUnit which provides annotations for Testing. We should know various classes and methods which support above mentioned operations.

In my own paarmeterization, I need to tell the Webdriver which environment I am testing. Unable to recognize OLE stream jxl. I am going to make assumption – you would like to pass some parameter to the Webdriver. It would be something like for i in users: To fill thousand’s of web forms using our testing framework d need a different methodology which can give us a very large dataset in a single execution flow. Here I am fetching only one row data for one field from the excel.

Hi Seetaram, I am also getting the same error. In QTP, to fill arrays values I can use code like this: Can you tell us how to update the same excel file with the test results.


It was quite helpful. This helps prevent hardcoding values into the script. Make your own wrapper, which will contain instance off WebDriver.

Parameterization/Data Driven Testing Of Selenium Webdriver Test Using Excel

Sign up using Email and Password. Is there any method through which we can parameterized the Webdriver?

Below are two class: This XML parameter is defined in testng. In this post, let us try to figure out which is the API that supports all the activities we need to do during execution of a dk. Regards, Tharanga tharangap lankaorix. If you have lot of test cases then DataProvider way is not good.

Can we import into excel sheet.