Hi, The above code is not working for me. Read the excel and then load the data into the object of TestData and then use it inside your test case. So I created my own class for the Environment:. Can you help e here that why its not selecting the value from the drop down. Here comes Parameterization in the picture. You want to test multiple values of the same parameter using Testng. Can you please tell me on how to get the test data from an excel sheet using driver instead of selenium?

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Consider the example which I have explained earlier.

Parameterization/Data Driven Testing Of Selenium Webdriver Test Using Excel

Consider the following example Here, ‘author’ hwo is equal to ‘Guru99’ which is a string and in corresponding test method its expecting an integer value, so we will get an exception here. As Babu mentioned in this thread i am working on Selenium webdriver with TestNG framework can you pls help me in doing parametrization with webdriver java. Using POI is better than Jexcel. I decribe as below: If not so what kind of problem it can create. Do you want to parameterize the locators of these objects?

Dataprovider & TestNG XML: Parameterization in Selenium(Example)

Imaging it has 5 Username ans 5 Passwords and click the submit button. You could also have the dataprovider read an external file, store, and pass the values to your tests. Can we import into excel sheet. The test execution engine you use to actually kick off your selenium tests varies depending on which language you are using, and even for a specific language there are often multiple competing test execution engines.


I want my test case to run once and test n number of inputs at various positions. It would be something like for i in users: My page objects are below: In case if the parameter name is same in suite level and test level then test level parameter will get preference over suite level. I will fetch the data from xls in 2 arrays.

Think of it as config files for your script. Ethical Hacking Informatica Jenkins. Unable to recognize OLE stream at jxl.

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Hi Sitaram, Thanks for the reply and clarifying the doubts. We should know various classes and methods which support above mentioned operations. How can I do data parameterization in Selenium Web Driver? It has been read and kept in the object so you can use all the data from your spread sheet simultaneously if you want.

TestNG enables you to run test methods, webdrkver classes and test cases in parallel inside your Email Required, but never shown.


Here is the same test with parametetization level parameters NOTE: Is there any method through which we can parameterized the Webdriver? Below are some of the operations that we can handle with this API. Probably a little effort in setting up the framework in the beginning will save a lot of effort when your test code grows. My suggestion would be to try to use a testing framework TestNG or Junit which gives many more features than just parametrization.

Plz it is Urgent. Seetaram, Thanks for your effort and time for this tutorials.

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In real-life, you can use ITestContext to vary parameter values based on Test Methods, hosts, configurations of the test. Regards, Tharanga tharangap lankaorix. EditInfoObjects class should extend the HomePageObjects class as the link which opens the page to edit created ads exists in Home Page.