New – History Dialog now uses RichEdit20 providing hotlinks for web pages, pushed items and email addresses. Blue C, Yellow L. Coordination of the online status symbols in the main User List and the File Sharing user list has been improved. It has been received by the moderator. If you changed the font size by zooming it, the change is now saved. WIA devices can use full motion video with Webcam. Improved – hotCam can now take timed snapshots and is much easier to navigate to take normal screenshots.

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New – Double-clicking the new file mieror the file-notification list takes you to the file. Timed Region, a Timed Camera feature. The mouse-wheel IS hotcomj now. GPF on hotComm Close has been really fixed. In the Connect window, enter the address as website: Indent Transcript is no longer included in Gimmickry.

You can also use a hotComm Lite unlock code in a hotComm Pro product, but you get hotComm Standard time, which does not have the same features as hotComm Pro. Click Hardwarethen Device Manager.


hotComm User Guide

Notice about HiFi audio while recording. Selections Toolbox – Polygons are a new shape option. First, uninstall the Mirror Driver on XP: This replaces the Broadcast button.

GPF on faster machines during hotComm exit addressed.

As always, new license time adds on to any time remaining on your current license. This offers significant improvements in quality and speed in the Java client.

With this option, you’ll only get a flash the first time you start Timed Camera. All User Camera miror continue to be displayed as links in the transcript. Note that mrror hotWeb window has a collaboration menu that controls who has what level of control or shared control.

Fix – hotCam image “Save As” option no longer captures the Save As dialog window instead of image contents. The Encoder is about 10Mb to download.

hotComm Revision History

Changed PM Session Control to disables all communication between guests e. We added auto-relog to Proxy servers in the event of lost TCP connection.

Click Browse, and navigate to the location where the hotComm Mirror Driver files reside. Java client – Fix for problem where Voting Poll crashes in the hotComm Java client if you let it time out ,irror you are using the latest Sun Java.


Select the Folder Options icon 5. Some of these changes were introduced in limited distribution in 6. For CL, Joining Peer and Leaving Peer events are now installed without associated sounds; note that only moderators hear these sounds. Fix File-Date compare problem in the new auto-file-update feature.

You can install it as a device manually. Panelists and authorized moderators are not challenged. Users with certain audio devices may still see the message.

A few cleanup’s on the Silent List indroduced in the previous revision. Vista users may need to install manually. You may now add a user to the “Silent” List by right-clicking on their name in the invited list and “Add to Silent List”. First, uninstall the Mirror Driver on Vista: