The above information is up to change. When we call EnumValues we need to supply two in parameters and two out parameters. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. Sign in to vote. July 29, at 3: July 7, at 8:

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On a x64 bit system for a x32 bit driver: To actually get the values that have been assigned to those registry entries we need to call the GetStringValue method, something we do here:.

Something to note, this DSN was created via a software install years ago. See the blog article for more detail: Grappled with this problem on several occasions. But none of the WMI classes seem to return that information, at least not directly.

Wow ODBC registry issues

July 7, at 8: Therefore, to retrieve a collection of all these registry values we need to call the EnumValues method, a method which automatically grabs all the values within a specified key:. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry.

Above screenshot is taken from a x64 bit system for a x64 bit driver. Also got an export from my test box, compared and the thing odbcinat.ini I noticed was surprising.


Registry Entries for ODBC Components – SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

My colleague Olga big thanks goes to her warned microosft about checking the ” value not set ” values for the keys. This is one of micrisoft questions that end up driving us crazy. Following her directions, I decided to take a registry export as.

April 20, at 8: Yeah where’s that driver version come from anyway? I have one suggestion for you, Greg. I mean in somehow this ” value not set ” has been entered as a value. Remove From My Forums. INI Has anyone found a better way to handle it other than grabbing from all three sources? Log in to Reply.

Glad to see you again! But it was like below in the problematic keys; the ” value not set ” string value has been added there manually like that: The steps outlined here definately resolved the problem!

I was tasked with updating the connection string to a new database, yet it was not to be found until I poked around in the midrosoft for the DSN name by doing a find and F3 for find next in a reg search until I landed on the registry entry I was looking for.


Above screenshot is taken from a x64 bit system for a x64 bit driver We realized that the machhine for the following registry keys should always be value not set and if the value is set to an empty string or any other value either by Third party application or open this registry and close it without any changes we will run into similar kind of issues where the drivers are not listed in ODBC Data Source Administrator odbcad32 On a x64 bit system for a x64 bit drivers: Sign in to vote.


What if your ODBC DSNs want to play “hide-and-seek” with you ?

That’s a pretty useful piece of information…. September 4, at 2: Once done, the value should read ‘ value not set ‘. On a x64 bit system for a x32 bit drivers: November 12, at 2: I think the problem exist in all the bit operation systems since some of the drivers are acecss bit.

Monday, October 5,