This did alleviate congestion and cough for me, but I had trouble falling asleep and when I did, I was up after 4 hours and could not fall back asleep. It also gave me nightmares! No, I don’t recommend this product. You might find these tips helpful as well: Does that stuff still have a “causes drowsyness” warning on it? I knew something was up.

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I was looking around to confirm that when I found this post.

NyQuil’s got the best thing I’ve ever read on a medicine package – proof. Only thing that’ll make you sleep better is demerol.

I like a cold because I get to do my favorite drug, which is NyQuil. Was this Review Helpful? I could be sick as a dog back in the day, but would immediately temporarily feel healed like I was back to my old self, right as soon as I took that stuff, until I woke up the next day at least.

nyquil gives us back the good stuff

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I was in Rockville, Maryland, a city I’d never been in, I was standing in front of a courthouse, and I was married to a woman I’d never met. Same cold I’ve had for 2 years, just can’t seem to shake it!

So I proceeded ney drink the whole thing.

Say hello to my little friends, Nyquil and Dayquil | Rosemary Kirstein

I take NyQuil products not myquil for their ability to relieve my symptoms, but it also helps me sleep. Feb 9, Posts: Oct 3, Posts: Jul 29, Posts: I love it I love it I love it, it’s the best shit ever invented, isn’t it? They keep it behind the counter. Mon Feb 19, 5: Do NOT take large amounts of Nyquil. The original NyQuil works great for me.

Nyquil – The Devil’s Brew

Lemme tell ya something, folks- forget about cocaine and heroin, all you need is NyQuil and Sudafed. Nyuil that stuff still have a “causes drowsyness” warning on it? Did relieve symptoms but did not help me sleep I take NyQuil products not only for their ability to relieve my symptoms, but it also helps me sleep. First time I did NyQuil wasit came on the market and I was there.


Nyquil – The Devil’s Brew – Ars Technica OpenForum

The Last Airbender animated series. The cough has been bad enough that I haven’t slept much nyquio a couple of nights.

Darkseid “Let there be Bacon. It also tastes suspiciously like Jager. You got it wrong. Well back then then they didn’t have the warning about operating farm equipment. I like what Lewis Black says about Nyquil: Feb 15, Posts: It’s the 13th fucking step!

Nov 29, Posts: Feb 5, Posts: Obviously you’re not supposed to drink it, I woke up three days later. The first three seasons are free to Amazon Prime members for online streaming.