Sets the maximum bit rate for 56K. By the mids their modems were also based on the Rockwell chip set, and had little to distinguish themselves from other vendors. Modems lacking speakers, or with physical volume controls, or ones whose sound output is piped through the sound card will not support this command. Both of these had hardware support in the RS standard. Hayes was never able to respond effectively. The following commands are understood by virtually all modems supporting an AT command set, whether old or new. The earlier separate dialers had this capability, but only at the cost of a separate port, which a microcomputer might not have available.

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PIN power line power modems

Select register n as the current register, and query its value. They quickly introduced their own v. One option would be to signal this change—”put yourself into command mode”—via one of the many pins in the RS cable.

As early as he started efforts to produce consumer-ready ISDN “modems”, betting the company on ISDN becoming a compatlble standard—which was widely believed at the time.

At the time of its introduction, the modem market was fairly small, and competitors generally ignored the Smartmodem. Modems with voice or answering-machine vompatible support a superset of these commands to enable digital audio playback and recording. This was not simple unless the modem “knew” what data were initially being sent, allowing it to time the bits and thereby guess the speed.

Defines the character for carriage return. In actual use many of movem commands automatically switched to the online mode after completion, and it is rare for a user to use the online command explicitly. When the remote modem answered, already set to “answer” mode, the telephone handset was switched off and communications continued until the caller manually disconnected.


What modems are compatible with Centurylink?

Return to data mode. Definition – What does Hayes-Compatible Modem mean?

User at modem A issues a dial command: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Range is hundredths of a seconds. Modem Telenetics’ unique line powered modem, HAOLP, is designed for those applications which require lowest level of power consumption. omdem

Hayes, having bet the company on a system that was never actually deployed, had no new products in the pipeline. P – Pulse Dial T – Touch Tone Dial W – Wait for the second dial tone R – Reverse to answer-mode after dialing – Wait for up to 30 seconds for one or more ringbacks- Pause for the time specified in register S8 usually 2 seconds ; – Remain in command mode after dialing.

This was the first time that the CCITT’s standard predated Bell’s introductions, avoiding compatibility issues that had plagued earlier standards. Default is 0 disable timer Reg. As a result of all this, eventually many communications programs had to give up any sense of being able to talk to all “Hayes-compatible” modems, and instead the programs had to try to determine the modem type from its responses, or provide the user with some option whereby they could enter whatever special commands it took to coerce their particular modem into acting properly.

Range is fiftieths of a second. Pulse dialing allows the modem to work on telephone networks where one is not supported. Defines the length of time a signal is detected and qualified as a carrier. Archived from the original on This only matters in the command mode. In fact, there were very few pins that were guaranteed to work on all computers, mostly the data in and out, “ready” indications that said whether the modem or computer was operational, and sometimes flow-control pins.


Default is 20 seconds. Generally, the user placing the call would switch their modem to “originate” and then dial the number by hand. It will dial the telephone number n.

Hayes command set

No new funding could be found, and in the company assets were liquidated. It does not wait for carrier or hang up. Today, Windows uses this for Plug-and-play detection of specific modem types.

In the company introduced the Smartmodem Ultra 96which offered both v. Defunct computer companies of the United States Defunct computer hardware companies Modems Telecommunications equipment vendors Computer companies established in Electronics companies established in Manufacturing companies established in Manufacturing companies disestablished in Companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in In most of those cases, user prefers to avoid an external power supply.