All other products and company names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Light-weight, the tablet rolls into a compact cylinder for easy carry. However, most of the commands in this subset have equivalent Roll-Up II commands. Binary Format Output Code: Roll-Up II 26 2. Roll-Up II 57 Table

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GTCO Roll-Up Parts and Accessories

Insert the rolled digitizer into the shipping tube and allow it to fully unroll against the inside of the tube. Other Cads Software, you have to study yourself. How can we make this better? The first byte in each format has its high order bit set to 1. Using the S uperSet Menu.

Space does not permit a detailed description of CalComp commands. Payment of shipping charges is discussed in the next section of gto warranty. Page 69 Roll-Up II 69 consequential damages.


GTCO Rollup II Digitizer $2755

Light-weight, the tablet rolls into a compact cylinder for easy carry. Read Tablet Diodes Code: Techn ical Specific ations. The second character in this command sets the rate, as shown in the table below.

Send command SE to btco the Space character.

GTCO Rollup II Digitizer

Get notified about latest updates to this technical article? These are the parameters you must set for both devices: Choose on the SuperSet Menu. It can be used to perform communication and diagnostic tests on an installed Roll-Up II. Once the command is complete, send a or hex 1B to exit command mode.

Then, keeping template grid near the permanent pad in the lower-left hand corner of the digitizer: The Controller will roll-yp by echoing each character. Please rate your online support experience with Esri’s Support website.

Serial To USB cable. Beg in Troublesho oting.

Roll-Up II 20 Example: Have been fully tested and function perfectly. Power Supply Connector Figure 4: Do you want to Unsubscribe? Table 7 and Table 8 show which character will be sent.


36 X 48 GTCO Roll up II Blueprint Estimating Digitizer

Defines whether the period character hex 2E is included in the ASCII output report between the units and tenths digits. Is This Content Helpful? However, if another SuperSet code is entered, this temporary configuration is lost and cannot be recalled without configuring Roll-Up II again.

To select Point Mode: Select on the SuperSet Menu. Page 6 Roll-Up II 6 5. RD Diagnostic command causes the Roll-Up II to examine the attached tablet and send the results to another device for display.