The driver author lists this model camera as “not tested”: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Tom Byrne inverted-sheep wrote on The device appears to be properly detected and the gspca driver loaded. This time there is no window popup message: Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on USB hub found Nov 24

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Animal Welfare

As well as the responsibilities outlined above the department also carries out many other vital roles with in, and on behalf of, the Society. An icon is also placed on the desktop – I guess it’s for the photo- and not for the webcam-function.

No such file or directory v4l: Sorry for the delay. The camera is found by lsusb: Click here to go to our Training page. We regularly receive dogs in that are looking for new homes and the department is responsible for all aspects of rehoming the GSPCA dogs which includes:. As such all of the training that we undertake uses positive reinforcement methods only. Maybe, it’s the missing thing to do to get a working webcam Gifts in Wills and funding. Petar Velkovski pvelkovski wrote on Got a good hint in Any progress on the issue?


Can this kind of “multifunctional” webcams be blacklisted from the gvfs or gphoto2 modules? Can’t get it to work in any program, not even with the unloading-reloading modules trick.

Animal Welfare | GSPCA Guernsey

If we are unable to locate an animal in distress they will be the only lead we have and it can mean the difference between us being able to help an animal and having to abandon what may be a very serious investigation. The more information we receive the better and while some people would rather not tell us who they are contact details of the caller are extremely important. When the webcam is pluged-in it shows almost the same behavior as described in bug report Mustek gSmart not working in Ubuntu 8.

To post a comment you must log in. ZC WebCam Boot back in to old kernel and all is well.

That does the trick for me! Rajeev Sharma rajeev wrote on Error returned when running gstreamer- properties: But for workaround to work I need remove one more module: TVtime say “frames too short from pac” in displayed blue screen.

Problem still exists with 2. For general enquiries General email admin gspca. In the majority of cases education is key and more often than not some help and advice can greatly improve the ability of the owner to care for their pet and therefore improve the quality of life of the animal.


We will always complete follow up visits where necessary, to ensure that our advice has been taken on board and to reassess the animal s. Warren Butler grumpymole wrote on See the “Readme and Install” file from the old gspca v1 source download. Reffering to the drivers, I had no problems in hardy and earlier versions of Ubuntu using the “gspca” module.

If a member of our team has been to your property and you are not home they will always leave a card to inform you of our visit and who to contact. What happens when we receive a complaint? Gspva DGA support available for this display.