Was in very good condition including attachments. Feel what it is like to go a step beyond. We found that you can wake the camera from standby by simply opening the LCD or pulling out the viewfinder. See just how far you can go. Log into your account. See details for description of any imperfections. The zoom is great also works smooth to the touch.

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This camera also hits one of our least favorite pet peeves: Slip into the hand strap and the zoom control appears naturally under dv8800u index finger. However, until recently, you would have had to make some serious sacrifices to get both good video and stills out of the same camera.

JVC Mini DV Camcorder Review:JVC GR-DV – Videomaker

Image Quality The real challenge of any camcorder is to resolve good detail and color in light and dark areas of a scene. This camera excels in packing in other useful features such as a self-timer for both video and still recording.

JVC Digital video recorder model gr-dv u. Sound and picture quality is perfect also. Perfect for anybody from beginner to expert Left Hand Left Out? Bundles that include this product. Join our monthly newsletter to receive our latest promo codes and product offers. The camera has a generous See details for description of any imperfections.


It appears that you have JavaScript disabled. To put the camera back into standby mode, just close the LCD or push the viewfinder back in.

The GR-DV will allow you to explore the imagination. Its built very good. The camera has to be removed from the tripod to eject the tape. The charger automatically senses positive and negative polarity and is suitable for charging 3. Easy to use for any newcomer using the [A]”Automatic” functionyet plenty of special effects and freedom for the creative using [M]”Manual” function. The only one that might have some users reaching for the manual is the Navi Store button, which makes getting around on tape or finding stills easier.

Clear large printing outlines all functions for knobs, switches and buttons.

Was in very good condition including attachments. Our website requires JavaScript dv8800u function correctly. The GR-DV provides good overall imaging but the blacks were slightly grainy and gray, the whites lost some detail and colors were slightly washed out.

Please select the memory card type which is suitable for use in your device.


GR-DVUS | Mini DV|JVC USA – Products –

Javascript is disabled in your browser. Setting your white balance correctly saves time and frustration when it comes time to edit and opens up artistic options in the field. This is a nice little camera.

The email address is invalid. The four-way mode selector puts the camera into Manual mode, then you use the scroll wheel to bring your subject into focus. A Closer Look A very smooth and quiet motor controls the A full-frame mirrorless camera with a catch.

For example, we shot the same grr outdoor scene with the JVC DV and a Canon S10 2 megapixel digital still camera and the S10 was clearly superior.

JVC Mini DV Camcorder Review:JVC GR-DV800

The size it fits in your hand just perfect. We found that you can wake the camera from standby by simply opening the LCD or pulling out the viewfinder. An unusually good little consumer camera.