We can’t stress enough the importance of using a properly wired cable. Download AltairCapture Mac 3. Guide Port Splitter Click for more information. It is usually expressed as a multiple of the sidereal rate and is typically in the range of 0. This should be accessible from the driver setup or properties window.

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If uusb know of others, please email us and let us know. We will process orders as quickly as we can, in the order received, when we return.

What driver you have selected, including its version normally visible on the driver setup or properties window. You won’t see the prompt if PHD2 already knows the device can’t return useful information – for example, if the mount choice is ‘on-camera.

GP USB Rapid Charger – U421

Like the pixel-size entry, the focal length doesn’t demand a great deal of precision, but you should get as close as you can. It is usually expressed as a multiple of the sidereal rate and is typically in the range of 0.

What application asxom are using. If you can cause qscom problem at will, write down the steps you took to cause it, producing a “repro scenario”. A mm refractor guide scope will probably have a focal length in the range of mm, not mm. If you’re using different guide speeds on the RA and Dec axes, enter the larger value. Download Latest Sharpcap version here Windows. Is the cable connected to the correct port on the scope?


Download Software & Drivers for Altair Cameras here

Otherwise, the performance numbers may not reflect your actual results and the baseline guiding parameters may be sub-optimal. What colour space should I use with Altair Colour Cameras?

We need to know: Which would I choose? Saying ‘no’ simply means you’ll have to enter the data by hand.

If you choose to make or buy your own from another source, please be sure it is built per the description shown in this document. The Shoestring Astronomy Store. Yahoo Autoguiding Group Cedric Thomas has created a wonderful gathering spot for everyone interested in autoguiding. Three-axis accelerometer, proximity, and light sensor Messaging: To use this type of interface, there must be another us in the link between PHD2 and the mount:.

If you are new to webcam autoguiding, click here asfom a brief overview of the key elements of any webcam autoguiding system. What brand of device e. The CCD port is indeed ST-4 compatible, but Meade chose to use a nonconventional pin numbering scheme, and did not provide a diagram that shows how the pins are physically numbered. Asvom guide speed is a parameter set in the mount or in the mount driverit’s not something controlled by PHD2.


How to Get Support If your device e.

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Read the help that comes with the driver. What is Debayering, and why should I do it before stacking my images?

Thanks to webcam technology, it is now easy and much less expensive to set up your own autoguiding system. My Altair camera has 8bit and 12bit output.

Guide Port Cable Coupler If the cables above are not long enough, use this to join two together. To use our products shown below, your mount asom need an ST-4 compatible guide port. Therefore it requires no additional cabling to support telephony. You should use this the first time you set up your system.