It works great and no parts get hot. The small TO transistor must be efficiently heat-sinked — yet is does not appear to warm up at 5 amps and 18v. It was a fairly small one, though I have built your driver as closely as I could with parts from RadioShack but I cant get any spark. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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Is it a iron core? To actually use it, you need to be below that temperature by a large margin.

2N Flyback Transformer Driver

What determines the appropriate capacitance and voltage rating? My transistor is mounted on a big and expensive heat sink. Thanks for the succinct explanation! It works great and no parts get hot.

When I do a diode check every possible way I get 0V except for neg to collector and pos to base I get. April 24, at The TIP35C mentioned in the video is V rating, but even that is rather low for the suggested configuration. The ZVS driver in action. The new sweet spot seems to be 10 primary turns and 4 feedback turns. November 17, at googlf Navigation Boydlabs Index Sitemap.


flyback drivers – boydlabs

July 7, at What input voltage have you used? Hi, I have some issues with this circuit or any other circuit not working with my transformer. How about adding a Heatsink to the transistor? A separate gate driving voltage is properly needed to avoid dissipating too much energy in resistors and zener diodes.

The driver is built on a piece of vero board with multiply resistors to obtain the needed wattage rating, this is far from optimal as the load sharing between them is horrible, to flybaci better sharing. Please send me some reference on your PSU.

Replacing the transistor fixes the circuit.

November 25, at The only things that I can think would make this not work would be the rubber wire coating is too thick or that the direction of winding matters. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’ve been thinking of buying an oscilloscope Perhaps some added capacitance on the output of the power supply could even the spikes out.


Instead build the following one, which has a very high effiency, and a high output voltage. Flhback is a low current high voltage power supply, what kind of lamp do you want to supply from such a high voltage? I cut off the problematic pin and put a blob of hot-melt glue on it, but it still arcs.

My power sources include a dying 9v battery, a Li ion, and a high current laptop charger 18v, 4. There is also a push-pull version of this f,yback, more on that can be found following this link: What kind of transformer are you trying to drive?

Youtube video of this driver in action. November 1, at Like I said, I’m fairly new n23055 electronics, so I’m having a little trouble understanding parts of your answer!