Three people actually gave me a hard time about my club! GK I could be wrong, but I believe all of the I15s have the grooves. Looks like there is no definitive answer on anything!!! Would like your input please. A few years back I hit some G5 irons during a demo day and just could not get over the fact that everything was bombed high and straight. I am seriously looking at going to the I

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Thank you guys for giving me your input! Regards, Bertrand, Paris, France. Get fitted, because the shaft made a huge difference in trajectory and carry distance.

They have designed the clubs this clun, where the offset and club head size gets progressively larger as you get up to those long irons. But, much to my surprise, the ball managed to carry the water and end up only about yards short of where a well struck ball would have landed.

Coincidentally, our first child, Sophia, is having her first The shaft means more to playing well than even Tom Wishon states in his book. I have yet to play with them, but on testing them, I found them to be the most playable and affordable of the Ping line.

The normal adjustments one would make for a cuppy lie — moving the ball back a smidge in your stance to ensure a bit more downward angle of attack — worked just fine with the i15s. Freakish forgiveness at the cost of a little feel?

The clubs feel great, look great and will hopefully see me right for many happy rounds of golf! On the bright side, again, the clubface remains relatively uncluttered.


Over the next few weeks we will also be having a look at some of the other clubs in this new 15 line. Lcub I hit the next shot with the same 4 iron with my confidence shattered from the swing before with a very slow swing.

These look like players clubs but forgive like the shovels without refiew 8-pw big head loss of accuracy. Media Reviews Today’s Golfer. Overall, the i15s were impressive in terms of forgiveness, consistency of ball flight and distance, and in providing uniform, consistent feel to the golfer within a wide range of strike positions.

Everything from the 3 iron through the PW, full swing for me results in a very high launch and soft landing shots. However, from what I can tell, and from what other i10 players have told me, the i15s shift a little closer to the game improvement side.

Well, I tried these out at the range last night. I did not notice a huge difference. I have been playing the Mizuno MPirons but at age 57 they didn’t give me the forgiveness that I needed. The long irons are slightly longer heel to toe for a touch of added forgiveness while the short irons are a more traditional width for better shot-making ability and control.

Some players of the i5 were put off by that, some seemed to embrace it.

Ping i15 Irons Review – Golfalot

I hit the I15s and immediately fell in love with them. You will certainly want to spend some time at the range comparing your 3 hybrid or 3 iron from the G series verse the performance of the 3 iron from the i15 series. Your review title You must enter a title. Sean, Thank you for a great review.


Ping i15 Irons

I would check them out at your local Ping authorized dealer, see how they feel in your hands. As we receive equipment from all of the major golf equipment manufacturers, we try to remain unbiased and provide an honest look at every piece of equipment we review at The Deep Rough, this is nothing new.

She is a professional level player not touring pro, but still professional leveland I found it intriguing that she would consider making that move. The back of the i15 features a dual stabilizing bar and a Custom Tuning Port CTP support the face for a solid feel and sound across the hitting surface. Most people say the head is most important but I believe the wrong head and the right shaft will produce better results than the right head and the wrong shaft!

I was looking for a lower ball flight with the ability to work the ball some. I have been looking for searching for this set of irons for the past two years. Now that Clubb have both improved my swing, both technically and in tempo and because I have better understanding of my swing, I think I am ready to go back to the game improvement irons.

They just aim left and hope their fade is there.