Administering the Logging Service. We worked with the GlassFish team to figure out the firewall issues. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sign up using Facebook. Oracle GlassFish Server 3. Post as a guest Name. This site uses cookies.

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The next time I start glassfish, my connection pool is gone! Administering the JavaMail Service. SQLServerDriver cannot be cast to javax.

The correct classname is probably com. Enter again into the connection pool. You have now a connection pool called MyDatabase.

When the user is provided, it is the name of the schema where the tables reside. Dani plz help, I dont what to do.

How to setup a JDBC connection in Glassfish

Configure the connection pool using the following settings: Notify me of new comments via email. Set environment variables as follows:. Administering Glssfish Applications 7. Because you choose database driver vendor MySQL you will have already specified the driver classname com. Set your environment variables.


Configuration Specifics for JDBC Drivers – Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Guide

For more information about the syntax of the database URL, see the Oracle documentation. Using the latest builds from yesterday which I had to do since the stable 4. Administering the Monitoring Service 9.

After recreating the connection pool with the same settings, the ping is failing with the following error in the server. When the user is provided, it is the name of the schema where the tables reside. Joel Koroniak 33 1 6. Our objectives will be: This is only necessary if Java DB is configured to use authentication.

DB2 Connection Pool

MysqlDataSource Please check the server. Administering the Logging Service.

For use behind firewalls you have to change the pool setting to be more aggressive to avoid consistent disconnect exceptions. Specify the appropriate value.

Thanks in advance for your help! DataSource Please check the server. Problems using db2 type 4 drivers with glassfish Ask Question. Glaesfish tried moving the db2 driver. It seems djbc glassfish isn’t finding the drivers but I can’t understand why. Set the next additional properties:. These privileges are granted to the user by the database administrator.


You can find it here. The JAR file for the Sybase driver is jconn2. Search everywhere only in this topic.