Gaby did an amazing job! Shareholders of the Fund will be receiving in the mail a proxy statement seeking shareholder approval of the New Management Agreement. Create a logo that speaks to my business and stands out from my competition. Winning design by Jani Tavanxhi. Looking for a logo that grabs attention but is clear that it is landscaping and outdoor maintenance. Winner – Jani Tavanxhi.

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The other terms of the Interim Management Agreement are substantially identical to those of the recently terminated investment management agreement, except that the Interim Management Agreement has a maximum term of days. Supplement effective July 1, A winner was selected from 38 designs submitted by 11 freelance designers.

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We greatly appreciated his creativity, artistry, and quick responses to our questions and ideas! We provide organic mosquito spray applications to upscale residential homes and properties in the New Jersey area What colors do you want to see in your design?

A clean and crisp design – high resolution. I will definitely work with her again! We saved a spot for your logo design contest.


The Interim Management Agreement will be effective July 1, We are targeting owners of commercial real esate or real estate management companies. Wahl has five years experience as an over-the counter market maker in Southern California, first with Gruntal Securities, then with Cruttenden Roth. We’ve found some similar contests you might like. The advisory compensation terms under the Interim Management Agreement are identical to those terms under the recently terminated investment management agreement.

We are a commercial landscape company. Cohen served as a Portfolio Manager to the Fund from its inception through 888h 30, One stop shop for all commercial and residential outdoor maintence services. Our clientele includes residents in gated Also targeting high-end homeowners or HOAs. What industry do you think your business is most related to?

Wahl spent three years from July to January operating Wahl Financial, his own money management firm and has been actively managing portfolios since that time. During the fiscal year ended July 31,the Fund paid First Western Investment Management, Inc, the previous adviser, a fee equal to the annual rate of 1.

Gaby did an amazing job! Shareholders of the Fund will be receiving in the mail a proxy statement seeking shareholder approval of the New Management Agreement.


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You may obtain the Prospectus or Statement of Additional Information without charge by calling the Fund 888g To give us an idea of the overall feeling of your brand, let us know which styles you lean towards. We want it to look professional – not like clip art. Create the logo for a Seal of Approval for gardening products. We work for large coprs and gov agencies Show me what you got!

Landscaping Company LOGO

Bearded tree, leaves,roots, make it simple. Create a logo for a Mosquito Control company.

One owner is a Marine and the other is a Police Officer. We run a landscaping, lawn and maintenance company in the state of Hawaii. Is it possible to incorporate this into the GKM letters?