Heck even the DS3 with the custom driver would work better. Using the analog sticks will randomly trigger the D-Pad, causing me to rage a lot. The controller came in a very small box. Product Support Having issues? Controllers suffer from wear and tear. The exterior of the box looks pretty cool.

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Auto Powersave To conserve energy the auto powersave feature shuts down your controller after 5 minutes of inactivity.

I was feeling cheap and did not want to spend that kind of money. The manual shows the functionality of the buttons and how to connect it to your PS3.

Gioteck Ps3 Vx-1 Wireless Controller

Heck even the DS3 with the custom driver would work better. The grips on the sticks are acceptable as well. There is one huge problem though. While the controller is compatible with the PC, I suggest you not frustrate yourself with the controller and v1 one that is more supported by Windows Logitech Rumblepad or the Microsoft Xbox controller.

This is extremely troublesome and while it works, it takes a lot of effort and time to get it working. I did see a generic non-branded controller with vibration and wireless as well that looks exactly controkler the VX The controller, being wired, requires the PS3 to be turned on manually before the controller can be activated. Controllers suffer from wear and tear. The VX-1 is slightly bigger than the DS3 but it still gives an okay grip for me. Overall the VX-1 is not too bad a controller for its price.


The design, grips, buttons etc are all similar. Analog sticks are not as smooth but it works as it should. Within the plain cheap looking blue box there is a giotsck and the controller itself. Reducing slippage during intense game sessions, and utilizing the best component parts for rotational precision. The wirelesz came in a very small box.

The only difference in feature between the wired and wireless VX-1 is the wire. Also the buttons lack sensitivity and sometimes require you giotck depress it fully in order for it to be used. Using the analog sticks will randomly trigger the D-Pad, causing me to rage a lot. Product Support Having issues? Giogeck analog stick the right one at least did not seem to respond at times.

The controller is called the VX-1 by a company called Gioteck. What this means is that you will have to set the controls in-game manually. Youtube For more product videos visit us on YouTube. Visit our support site. Ergonomic Styling Designed for the utmost in comfort for hours of ache free gameplay. Other than that, the controller is wrapped in plastic with the USB cable tied up neatly.


Gioteck VX-1 PS3 Controller Review | Swift World

Heaven then sent me a message, a store had recently brought in or at least I just noticed them bringing in a third-party manufacturer controller that was half the price of an original PS3 controller. The exterior of the box looks pretty cool. If you are into serious gaming I suggest you get the official DS3. Featuring quick-fire triggers, precision D pad, anti-slip rubber thumbsticks, powersave mode – this wireless controller is the perfect gaming partner.

Your email address will not be published. It is time to get another controller. Directional Pad Easy access, ergonomic Directional Pad to make those split second decisions easier to manage.