Not the right loft If the driver has less than 12 degrees of loft you probably have a club that will not get the maximum distance-or the accuracy And the number one reason not to buy used clubs The only issue I have is that I ordered my irons in two separately; first the 5, 7,9, pw then two weeks later the 4,6,8 irons. Looks like New Kent and Stonehouse have new owners and will reopen in Only my 2 cents worth. Sam “Melle Jo M Jonsson. When I first got the clubs, my handicap dropped by four strokes down to 14 within months and I was hitting the ball like a demon.

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I then went to giggolf Ping dealer to look at the raptures that the C9Ti’s are similar to and discovered several flaws on the Pings, gaps in the titanium face insert stood out the most where absolutely no such flaw was found in 9c set.

Second, Ti faces can be made thinner than stainless which maximizes COR or ball velocity. They want to get endorsement deals. Woods The C9 c Metal wood golf club brings high technology to fairway metals.

I’m not hitting the ball dramatically farther than I did with my old clubs but I can get the ball to go where I want it a good deal of the time. For the most part, though, I just get the feeling that watching these guys in Golfsmith or PGA Superstore whacking balls in the cage with some salesman telling them why club X, Y, Z fits their game is a waste of time. After trying these irons on driving range I can safely say that I made the right choice of buying from GigaGolf. Length and lie adjustments are an important part of the fitting process.


All Listings filter applied. The reason OEM’s cost that much is to pay for the multi million dollar advertising budgets and the multi million dollars of endorsements. Second, Ti faces can be made thinner than stainless which maximizes COR or ball velocity.

Posted Giggaolf 29, Why is gibagolf the correct grip type and size so important?

I recommend your clubs gigagplf everyone that asks. Who cares if you can hit irons longer? Club heads and materials have made golf clubs more forgiving and there are more choices.

They are amazing value and I love them. These are the best clubs I have ever bought. If you gigagolc know what I was playing with you wouldn’t have a clue they were not a high dollar set of Taylormade, Pings or Callaway.

I had the trx driver and 3w. These irons launch the ball like a laser guided missile towards the green. I’ve never hit the ball straighter and with more accuracy, and not to mention great distance.

GigaGolf C9 Irons

Do you know what your fitting specs are HL? I have owned these C9 Ti irons now for over two years. Lie adjustment and shaft selection is a critical part of that equation.


Its funny, the people I generally play with scoff at clones but when I beat them they ask me where I got these irons. They clearly are the quality look and feel of clubs 3 times the cost. I love the feel, look, and definitely the sound when I hit the ball. Id say that for most people, gripping the club far too firmly is much more likely to be the case than not gripping it firmly enough.

Gender see all Gender. In short, some hybrids offered are more like fairway woods and some are more like irons.

GigaGolf C9 Irons | GolfBlogger Golf Blog

These clubs do what they are supposed to do. All clubs custom and standard are eligible for the GigaGolf 30 Day Play Guarantee regardless of shaft, grip or lie adjustments.

While I’m not the 4 I was as a younger man and now probably play to a 12, I can still put a round gigaoglf if the stars align and I can find a fairway times. Weighting, CG, shaft, grip, all of that can equal to a more confident golfer and consistent ball striking. They have all what I want.